In today's super high-tech age of multiple computers and devices per American household, our children are learning to point-and-click almost before they can read. My infant showed strong brand recognition before one year of age and now at two years old I am excited to see her drawn to familiar characters that encourage her learning and imagination.

From books and videos to a vast assortment of phone apps and computer games kids today can get amazingly broad exposure to new concepts and ideas, but they can get equally overwhelmed, too. I believe it’s our job as parents to limit their exposure and balance their activity with non-techy stuff so that they might keep one foot firmly planted in the right side of their brain as they grow up. As busy as we might be with work or other household obligations, we should never be too busy to play. Spending face time with our kids (no pun intended!) doesn’t have to be costly or difficult.

Pretend play with or without dolls or props is one of our favorite things to do indoors or outside. Other creative favorites employ any kind of musical instrument whether it’s a toy piano or wooden spoons from the kitchen pounded with different force on unbreakable objects around the house. Outdoor water play is always good fun when the weather permits. And when it doesn’t I usually plan for a messy round of “let’s wash the dishes” and give her a step stool at the far side of the sink to play in while I load the dishwasher or cook. Do you remember how much fun you had just playing with trucks in the dirt? Or making mud pies? Or rolling down grassy hills or practicing summersaults? Don’t forget.

So even though all the gadgets and technology available today have great potential to teach our kids some pretty cool things that we weren’t exposed to as youngsters, it’s important that we parents not lose sight of the things we were exposed to as kids and pass it on first-hand.