New MagicBand 2 Bracelets 2018

MagicBands, Bandits, and Accessories

Everybody is talking about the new Walt Disney World MagicBands. What makes them so great and why are they better than the old ones? Actually, if you've never heard of MagicBands, an introduction is in order. (Don't worry, we were all Disney newbies once!)

A MagicBand is a special bracelet that Disney includes as part of its resort reservations and vacation packages. Depending on how early you make your reservation, and what country you're coming from, you'll either pick up your MagicBand upon arrival or have it mailed to you. Your MagicBand contains an RFID chip with multiple purposes. It can be used to check in, to enter your hotel room, and to access other areas in your resort. If you connect your admission tickets to your account, you can also use your MagicBand to enter Disney theme parks. If you connect your credit card and create a PIN, you can use your MagicBand to charge purchases to your hotel room. Basically, a MagicBand is an all-purpose Disney access and payment accessory.

The most fun thing about MagicBands is that you can buy them ahead of time and even collect them. You can add your information to them later, so if you're a frequent Disney visitor (living the dream!) you can use any MagicBand from your collection. Or wear the same one every time and leave the rest safe at home in a display case, while the one on your wrist becomes your best travel buddy. If you want to start or add to your MagicBand collection, or just buy some ahead of time for an upcoming Disney trip, we have tons of them here at Your WDW Store. Our selection includes MagicBands and MagicBand accessories like cases and the pop-on charms known as MagicBandits.

So what makes the new MagicBands better than the old ones? First off, the MagicBand 2 is thinner and lighter than the originals. This makes them far more comfortable, especially if you're wearing one during a long day. They're also wider than the older bands, but this actually provides a neat bonus. The center of the band, which contains all your information and is adorned by a logo, is removable! The removable section (the "MagicBand Icon") can be carried in your pocket, so you can bring all the convenience of a MagicBand with you, but without needing to wear a wristband. Just be careful not to lose track of your Icon when you take it out to use it! To help you keep track, Disney will be releasing accessories like lanyards and keychains to convert your MagicBand Icon into a different sort of wearable item. Keep watch on our New Arrivals section because you'll see them there first!

If you still love your old MagicBand, not to worry. You can keep using it as long as you want. The design may be different, but all MagicBands have the same technology inside. The only thing that will limit your MagicBand's lifespan is its internal battery, which should last about 2 to 3 years before you need to retire the band to your collection display.

Want to learn more about the new MagicBands or even get a jump on your Disney vacation by ordering them now? Take a look at our collection here at Your WDW Store. You'll definitely find one for everyone.