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We absolutely love candies cakes and chocolates, and we want to share a bit of the magic with our customers. Unfortunately, we don't want the hassle of our good nature, coming back to bite us. That is why we have the following terms and conditions, specifically pertaining to perishable and edible items.
Please Note: This section of our terms and conditions does not supersede any other portion of our terms and conditions. All other terms and conditions still apply.

  • We do not manufacture, make, bake, create or concoct any edible or perishable item that we sell. We simply purchase the items and ship them.
  • We assume NO liability, No accountability, and NO responsibility, for any edible or perishable item that we sell.
  • Purchasing any edible or perishable item from our website is done AT YOUR OWN RISK.
  • We do not open, alter, or change anything, before, during, or after, shipping.
  • Any items that are bought fresh will be shipped within 24 hours of purchase. The time in transit is DIRECTLY dependent on the method of shipping YOU selected during checkout. We reserve the right to upgrade your shipping (at no cost to you) if we feel your selection was not completely omniscient of the time in transit or delivery hours/dates available. If we change the shipping method, it will be to a method comparable, faster, or with better delivery times, that what the customer selected. FOR EXAMPLE: If you bought a chocolate cookie on Thursday, and paid for Fed-Ex ground shipping. After purchasing the item, we package it for shipment and while weighing the package for shipment, we see Fed-Ex ground delivery will take an estimated 5-7 Days... But AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE, we could ship your order via USPS Priority mail, and the Delivery estimate says that the item will be delivered on SATURDAY (within 24 hours), we will do that. We will not inform you of the change and seek approval prior to shipping. Our entire purpose is to expedite your perishable or edible items to you so that you have less reason to complain, even when the choice was yours on what you wanted to pay for.
  • We do not "Stand By" or "Guarantee" any company's products. This includes their freshness, quality, ingredients, or any other aspect of an item or product. If you have any issues with the freshness, quality, taste, or ingredients of any item you receive from us, you should take up your complaint with the manufacturer.
  • The packaging we receive your item in, is the exact same packaging you will receive your item in, from us. We do not touch, sort, or repackage any perishable or edible item. THIS MEANS: If we buy a caramel covered apple from Norway, and they put it in a flimsy plastic food service clam shell with the wooden stick jutting out of the side, it is getting shipped to you just like that! We also reserve the right to ADD packaging and padding, OUTSIDE of the immediate packaging, which means we may wrap the food service plastic container in bubble wrap, or try to reinforce it in some way, so it makes the trip intact. Caramels and marshmallow rolls put in food service plastic containers are shipped the same way. Cake pops and ears shaped brownies are often just put in a plastic bag with a twist tie. We reserve the option to additionally wrap such items in bubble wrap before shipping, but we WILL NOT take items out of their bags. That being said, we will also NOT separate cake pops! If you buy a DOZEN and they come in a food service clam shell, they will be shipped that way.... and they may end up arriving as a food service container filled with ground up cake pops and sticks floating around. Of course, our personal and professional experience counts for nothing, and is no guarantee that whatever carrier moving the items will, or will not, completely destroy something in transit... but if they do... we are not paying to replace those items.
  • All edible and perishable items are sold AS IS - UPON DELIVERY. Pictures of product(s) or packaging on our website are used for marketing and demonstration purposes and are not pictures of the actual item(s) you will receive. Packaging changes from time to time and while items make their transition from old to new packaging, you may receive items that are identical in content, but where the packaging or theme of the packaging has changed.
  • All Sales Are Final. We do not issue refunds, discounts, reimbursements, store credits, or any other form of compensation for any edible or perishable item, ONCE SHIPPED.
  • Prior to shipping, orders for edible or perishable items cannot be altered in a way that subtracts from the orders content, unless it is due to an item currently being unavailable. THIS MEANS; If you place an order for edible or perishable items, and then you call us back to cancel or remove an item, or items, from the order, and we have already purchased them from the source, we will not allow you to remove those items. Sorry. If we have not purchased the items from the source, we have no problem removing them from your order. Please make sure you understand this before placing your order.
  • We do not accept returns, or exchanges of any edible or perishable item.
  • We do not issue any form of compensation for shipping or transportation delays. This includes ANY situation, including refusals of delivery at the destination, refusal to pay customs charges, returns by the transportation company for any reason, delivery delays due to covid-19, delivery delays due to wildfires, delivery delays due to postal regulations changes or interference with operations.
  • We will NOT ship out expired product. We will not ship out edible or perishable items that are within 1-2 weeks of their expiration date. This is to allow for a short amount of time for the transportation company to transport and deliver the product. With that being said, we do not guarantee EXPIRATION DATES!!!! Expiration dates ARE THE LAST DATE you should consume a product and think that you will not be harmed in the process. That's our safest way of thinking about it. DO NOT CONSUME any product that is PAST it's expiration date printed on the package. "BEST BY" or "BEST CONSUMED BY", "BEST USED BY", "FOR FRESHEST FLAVOR", Whatever it may be, all means the same thing to us. If it's PAST it's date, DO NOT CONSUME. If you do, well, it's at your OWN RISK.
  • We are not responsible for items that pass their expiration date while in transit. If we ship an item 2 weeks before it's expiration date, and for some reason, it takes 3 weeks for delivery, we will feel really bad about that, but we will not hold ourselves accountable. If you require items to be FRESH, piping hot, freshly made, crisp, soft and buttery, whole, frosted with ice or steaming with delicious goodness, we invite you to come to Florida and purchase these items in person and consume them upon purchase. We are NOT ABLE to teleport items (at this juncture) but we are trying. Keep checking back to see if we've made progress, and make sure to check out our snacks and goodies section!
  • LASTLY, A RECAP. After many years and hundreds of customer requests, we started providing edible and perishable items from the Orlando Area Theme Parks, on our site. With the exception of pre-packaged candy, chocolates and cookies which have a shelf life extending years into the future, we do not stock much of anything when it comes to edible or perishable items. Mostly we buy fresh and ship edible and perishable items within 24 hours of purchase, and we do this as a way of sharing the magic with our customers. Most of our edible and perishable items do not enjoy the same standard mark-up as other items (Who want;s to pay $9.99 for a candy bar?). We do not alter the items in any way, and we are only acting as a middle man, a service provider, by purchasing these items from the supplier, packaging them up, and shipping them out. We are not responsible for the condition of edible or perishable items, upon delivery. Even if you pay for first overnight express service, and your order is in Fed-Ex's hands for less than 8 hours, WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CONDITION OF EDIBLE OR PERISHABLE ITEMS UPON DELIVERY.
We are very sorry, but we feel the need to make a list here, of all the things we will not even entertain complaints about;
Melted Chocolate, Melted Caramels, Melted Apples, Melted Candy, Melted Gummies, Melted edibles, Melted Perishables, Melted Anything.
Burnt Flavors, Burnt Nuts, Burnt Cookies, Burnt Candies, Burnt Smells, Burnt Anything.
Broken Lollipops, Broken Cookies, Broken Frosting, Broken Chocolate, Broken Pretzels, Broken Crackers, Broken Cake Pops, Broken Rice Crispy Treats, Broken Anything.
Grainy, Gooey, Sloppy, Oozy, Squishy, Frozen, Melted, Janky, Gummy, Granulated, Foamy, Dry, Thawed, slightly unsightly, finger licking, and or otherwise, Anything.
Soggy, Hard, Crispy, Stale, Crunchy, Filled with nuts, coated in nuts, not enough nuts, not nearly enough coconut, too much coconut, pineapple doesn't fizz, popcorn kernel... Anything.
We also expect that our customers know the product they are purchasing, We also ask that they understand the following; You are not at the theme park, sitting in a chair at home on the computer or the phone. You are not purchasing the item from the theme park and consuming it right then and there on property. You are purchasing it online, where someone else will be purchasing it for you, packing it and shipping it to you. Had you come to the theme park and bought the item in question, and had you the same issue like any of the previously listed issues, and had you brought this issue to the store where you bought it from, the resolution in park is the same as our resolution. - If you didn't like it... throw it away... and don't buy it again. The theme parks do not give you a refund because you bought an edible item for the first time, tried it, and didn't like it. They also do not issue refunds if you previously bought something, tried it and liked it, then bought a second one, though it was inferior to the first one you bought and wanted a refund. Sorry... but the answer is NO.