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Personalized items take additional time to be made, personalized, engraved, hand painted, etc. Please expect AT LEAST 7 ADDITIONAL DAYS for personalization, before your order ships. Adding a Rush Handling fee WILL expedite the creation of the item you are purchasing.

  • Regardless of whether an item is in stock, or whether it usually ships in seven days, if you are having your item personalized, it may take longer to ship.
  • Any item you can "custom make" is considered a personalized item. This includes, but is not limited to, the following: Shirts where you can select the size, color, or add additional wording. Art and prints which allow you to select a size, framing, artist signature, or that include the letters AOD in the SKU. Hats, towels, leashes, collars, shirts, stockings, or any other item you choose to have embroidered with a name, date or phrase. Ornaments where you select to have a name or date or artwork added to it. Name tags or buttons that require a name to be added. Anything else you have personalized by engraving, embroidery, etching, painting, naming, or otherwise.
  • If the item states "Usually ships within 7 Days" then you should allow an additional 7 days for Personalization as well, and include the shipping transit time before estimated delivery date. YES - this means some items may take 14-21 days to ship out, and more before delivery can occur.
  • We cannot guarantee when an order will arrive. We also cannot guarantee when an order will ship out, due to weather, emergencies, holidays, unforeseen, and unannounced post office closings, Fed-Ex pick up failures, etc.
  • ALWAYS Consider any shipping or delivery times quoted as an estimate.
  • We encourage you to order in a timely fashion to avoid delays caused shipping or product availability.
  • If you need, please google "why is my post office always throwing my packages" and then google "Postal sorting practices a.k.a. "throwing" " for a real eye opener.