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One of the many services we provide to our customers, is the ability to customize their items, also known as "personalization."

Our customers can request to personalize almost any product they are purchasing from our website. Sometimes this will incur an additional charge, depending on the level of personalization, and what it entails.

Standard costs for personalization are as follows;
Embroidery, $15.00 USD, per line.
Artist Embellishment (painting on ornaments or picture frames, etc.), $6.00 per word, or 4 digit date.
Custom Shirt creation, included in the items listing, varies by item.
Personalization is done by customer request only. We do not arbitrarily add names, dates, logo's, or other symbols to items we sell.

Personalization adds significant time to the processing of an order. Please add a minimum of 3-5 days to the standard shipping time for your order, if you choose to have any personalization done. Custom made items all automatically incur this additional time.

Personalization involves altering or adding to the item being sold, in such a way, that they item is made familiar or personal to the customer purchasing the item. For this reason, personalized items cannot be returned, exchanged or returned for any reason, other than damage during shipment.

Personalization can be done in a variety of ways; Engraving, Embroidery, Painting, Signing, etc. Because personalization is submitted almost instantly after an order is placed, UNLESS there are blatant errors which we catch before submitting; changes, cancellations, or removal of personalized items from a persons order are prohibited and will not be done.

Personalization is done by hand in most cases, by Disney Artists. We are not Disney Artists. We do not vouch for their work, or expertise. We are letting you know, up front, that Disney Managers routinely check artists work for professionalism and expertise, we do not. We simply check to make sure the spelling is correct, and all aspects of the personalization have been performed. Disney Artists are not selected as artists for any other reason, other than their ability to perform this work to the level and quality expected by Disney. If you have higher expectations than what Disney can provide, we encourage you to purchase the item from us without personalization, and have it personalized elsewhere.

There are no Refunds, Returns, Exchanges, Cancellations, Modifications, or Removals from orders, for Personalized items, with the following exceptions;

1.) If you specify a word or name, and the Disney Artists Incorrectly spells the name or word, we will accept a return of that item, and have Disney Artists correct the misspelling. If they cannot correct the item, they will replace the item and do the work correctly. If the item cannot be replaced, the items price will be refunded to you.

2.) If there is some sort of Personalization that was left off or forgotten, we will accept a return of the item, and have the Disney Artists add the missing word, word(s), characters or options to the Personalization that should have been included from the start, and reship the item to you.

3.) If the item arrives DAMAGED, then an insurance claim will be filed for the shipment, and a replacement order will be generated. You DO NOT and CANNOT return damaged merchandise to us. But a replacement will be made and shipped to you upon determination of the claim.

That is all. there are no other exceptions.

We will not argue the validity of what a letter looks like. Each Disney Artist has their own unique and distinctive style. Some will include looping letters with little hanging balls and points in their lettering. Other artists will write the wording smaller or larger than others. When we drop off our orders for Personalization, we have no control over what artists is working that day or that shift. In fact, sometimes our order is spanned out over multiple artists working over a week or more. We cannot guarantee cloning or perfect uniformity.

If you want all your Personalization to match as close as possible, then you may request in the order comments block, to have the same artist do all your pieces. Artist names can be furnished by request, and if the Disney Artist is still employed, in the future when you have more pieces made, you may request the same artist.

Please note: Disney Ornament Artists do all their artwork, BY HAND. They do not use Laser Levels to put straight lines on ornaments. They do not hang ornaments to find the center of gravity, and then sight line the wording for straightness or centering. Everything is done by hand and by reference to the ornament itself. This means, when you receive an ornament, the wording on the body of the ornament may be in line with the curve of the ornament, or the figure attached to the top, or the Logo wording on the body, or the nipple of the Ornament ball, or possibly even not in alignment at all. Disney Artists will center wording to the best of their ability. Disney Artist do not hang ornaments to ensure level wording, due to the fact that each ornament hangs differently, and the center of gravity varies wildly from one ornament to another in the same design type. To put it simply, trying to make perfectly level wording on a curving surface that hangs askew, is futile.