Disney Character Spotlight: Peter Pan & Tinker Bell


In this edition of Your WDW Store's Disney Character Spotlight, we're focusing on a pair of classic characters: an adventurous boy who can fly and never grows up, and his loyal, magical, yet jealous fairy friend. That's right, Peter Pan and Tinker Bell!

Peter PanPeter Pan Figurine

Peter Pan was created in around 1902 by J.M. Barrie, a Scottish novelist who based the character on his brother David who passed away at a young age. Peter is blessed with eternal youth and lives on the island of Neverland, a magical realm full of pixies, pirates, and other children who found their way there. Peter is the leader of the Lost Boys, a group of boys who formed their own "tribe," and he also occasionally visits our world to offer adventure to children. Of course, he gets into a lot of trouble and can be self-centered and overconfident like most kids, but Peter is also extremely brave and shows loyalty and fearlessness in the face of danger. Fans of Peter Pan love him for his good qualities and his representation of eternal youth, facing the world with childlike wonder and maintaining innocence.

Tinker Bell Tinker Bell

Tinker Bell is a tiny pixie and Peter's best friend, and while it's hard for her to warm up to anyone else, once she does, she becomes quite devoted. She makes a good friend to anyone she cares about, and a fierce enemy to those who earn it. Since the animated Disney film came out in 1953, Tinker Bell has grown in popularity and in the last couple of decades, she's become a favorite character due to her combination of cuteness with a sassy attitude.

Originally, Tinker Bell communicated only through gestures, expressions, and tinkling bell sounds which Peter had to interpret. After a short time on the Disney Princess roster, Tinker Bell joined the line of Disney Fairies in 2005, in which she gained her first speaking roles. Today, she's arguably more popular than Peter Pan, although he has legions of devoted fans too!

Fan Collectibles Peter Pan Fan Collectibles

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