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We purchase puzzles from the Orlando Florida area theme parks and resorts.
We do not manufacture or produce any puzzle we sell.
We do not provide any warranty, manufacturer's warranty, additional manufacturer's warranty, or any warranty of any kind, pertaining to the material workmanship or quality of any puzzle we sell. We provide no implied warranty and no implied warranty should be derived from any assumption made as to the material workmanship or quality of any puzzle we sell.
We do not provide any customer or material support, for any issue, with reference to any puzzle we sell.
There are a number of references you can find on the internet about recreating missing pieces, or having missing pieces manufactured. We do not do either of those things.
We do not replace puzzles, puzzle pieces, puzzle pictures, inserts, photographs, boxes, packaging materials, seals, or any other component with reference to any puzzle we sell.
All puzzles we sell are brand new, unopened and unused.
We do not allow returns, exchanges, substitutions, or swaps of any puzzle, in part or in whole, that we sell.

If not previously stated, we make no guarantee, stated or implied, as to the workmanship, quality, or lack thereof, pertaining to any puzzle we sell. If you purchase a puzzle from us, all sales are final, and no returns will be authorized, no refunds will be issued, no matter what the situation.
If you think your puzzle was damaged during shipment, you can contact the transportation company with your tracking number and a copy of your invoice to file an insurance claim directly. We will not file insurance claims for, nor will we assist with the filing of insurance claims, when pertaining to puzzles.
Simply put, purchasing puzzles from our site should be viewed and treated as if you had purchased a brand new, unopened, unused puzzle, for CASH, in the theme park, and threw away your receipt.
We are not responsible for missing puzzle pieces, and any risk involved with the highly dubious practice of trying to recreate a scene from hundreds of smaller interlocking pieces. Eye strain, hours of accomplishing almost nothing, profuse sweating, and all manner of maladies await, and are at the risk of whomever attempts such a daunting feat. You have been warned.