There is a lovely princess residing softly within the hearts of every woman and little girl, without regard to a specific age.  Belief in fairy tales begins early in life, with little ones listening to the telling of those wonderful stories about the Disney princesses like Cinderella, Snow White and Rapunzel, to name just a few.  And so, the dream is born...and the inner princess is released.  While it’s OK for little girls to express their ‘princesshood’ to the world, as little girls grow up, it’s often seen as unfashionable or overtly braggadocious to announce their princess status as freely as when they were sadly, the inner princess must take a back seat to growing-up responsibilities and behavior.
Remembering and honoring the inner princess in that special woman in our lives, whether it be a friend, coworker or relative, a gift of a princess item will always serve to touch that inner princess, no matter how long it’s been since she was allowed “out.”  And there are so many ways you can honor the inner princess in someone else, beginning with gifts you can purchase for her.
As just about every grown up princess drives, there’s every reason for her to have a three princess shoes key chain.  On a more subtle note, you could give her a “key to the kingdom” key chain, which will blend in with her other keys a bit, but will also serve to sublimely remind her that she is, in fact, a princess.  You could get her a Disney Princess Autograph Book, Pen and Case if you want to do a little more.
Start her out with a Disney Princess charm bracelet, to which you can always add charms at every occasion.  There are numerous princess charms from which to choose, and she will enjoy the jingle jangle of her bracelet as it becomes more full with charms.  Other people will notice her bracelet and for those who are wanting to give her a gift, they will be able to present her with yet more charms for her growing charm bracelet.
You’ll find just the right gifts for the princesses in your life by perusing the pages of the Disney store...and all for just the right price!