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CDI MARKETING / YOUR WDW STORE Does NOT Self-Insure. We are not a licensed Bonded Insurance Agency, and have no ability to Self-Insure Shipments. Therefore we assume no risk, or liability for Insured or Non-Insured shipments, but instead offer our customers the ability to purchase Insurance from a third party insurance carrier.

  • Shipping Insurance can be added to any package for an additional charge.
  • Shipping Insurance is required for all orders that total $50.00 USD or more.
  • Shipping Insurance is a non-refundable provision that covers the cost of the items in an order.
  • Shipping Insurance does not cover, or refund, the cost of S&H, Tax, or the Insurance Premium itself.
  • Paying for Shipping Insurance does not guarantee that your claim will be honored, or that you will be refunded for any claim you file.
  • Do not abuse the system. Do not commit insurance fraud. Do not use insurance as a way to exchange your broken items with our new unopened items. You will most likely get caught, and we will most likely laugh.
  • If you do not want to pay for insurance, you don't have to. We hope you have luck finding the items you want, uninsured, elsewhere.
  • If you have any questions, or are confused in any way, please google "What is insurance?"
Please Note: In lieu of a huge and vastly complicated list of insurance declarations, terminology, and all other things Lawyer-ish, we reserve the right to add to, change or modify anything on our website, at any time, for any reason, or no reason at all, enforce the rules on a case by case basis, make real time decisions, apply unwritten rules retroactively, or just make stuff up on the fly. We're human beings. Not a computer AI... just kidding. It wrote all that stuff. Not.