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This information is for every customer's benefit and knowledge. If you find yourself in receipt of a package or order and you are fairly certain you did not place an order with that company, our advice is to return that package to the original sender as quickly as possible. If you find the label has been torn, or you have inadvertantly opened the package and cannot send the item back for free using a return postage service, you should do the following;

  • Make sure to properly re-package the item to prevent damage during transit.
  • Make a copy of the shipping label including the tracking number and any other pertinent information.
  • Ship the item back immediately.
  • Purchase insurance on the package and make sure to record the Insurance declaration number if different from the Tracking number.
  • Always make sure to use a carrier that provides a tracking number which can be viewed online, with regular status updates.
  • Inform the company you are returning a package that you did not purchase.