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We will automatically collect sales tax from any customer, and any order, which we are required by law, to collect. New sales tax laws have come into effect and as our orders become subjected to such tax, the tax will be levied and remitted.
Currently we are only physically located in Florida, however, our economic sales nexus may exceed our home state at any time. Once we are required by law to collect sales tax for any state where we have met or exceeded the threshold for that state, we will automatically impose, collect, and remit any and all sales tax, in accordance with the current law, to such states tax receiving authority.
We have changed our position as it pertains to resellers and tax-exempt entities. We will no longer act as a wholesaler or distributor for merchandise sold on our website. We are in the process of phasing out all volume related discounts and will be imposing quantity restrictions on all purchases going forward. We are an end product, consumer orientated, internet based, collectibles and souvenirs dealer / retailer. We will no longer accept any Florida Re-Sale Certificate, or Sales Tax Exemption Certificates.
If your intent is to purchase items from our website with the sole intent and purpose to resell them currently, or at a later date, we have absolutely no control over that. We may, however, cancel specific orders if we believe the sale to be for resale purposes, or if we believe the purchasing history does not meet historical purchasing characteristics. Quantity limitations may also be imposed, rather than full cancellation of orders.