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CDI Marketing uses a variety of unique terminology to desribe item stock status, shipping availability and more. Some of these terms will be listed below, with an in depth explanation of what each one means. If at any time you are confused, or do not understand the terminology used on our site, please re-read this section, and if you still do not understand, you may call and ask to speak with a customer service representative.
Please note: Trolls, and those who seek to dispute or disrupt our business by nit-picking every nuance of our terminology are more than encouraged to take their business elsewhere. Thank you.

  • ''IN STOCK'' This signifies that at the time you are putting whatever item into your cart - that there is at least one of that item in stock. This is not a guarantee. The website and system have been known to simultaneously sell the same 1 qty to two different customers, at the very same time, or within moments of each other, during high volume buying times. We reserve the right to decrease quantities of items, or remove specific items from a customers order, and either not charge or refund the customer for these quantities removed, at any time, with or without notice.We do not do this frivolously, but we do limit quantities purchased in this way, as well.
  • ''LAST IN STOCK'' This means that the item in question has been discontinued, or that production of this specific design has stopped. Once we sell our of the last remaining stock, the item will no longer be available. This does not mean that the production of this item will never again be restarted, or that we have none of this item left.
  • ''LAST ONE IN STOCK'' This means that, for all intents and purposes, the item you are purchasing is, the LAST ONE IN STOCK. Sometimes we may find another one, or additional stock in the warehouse during inventory, after the last one has been sold. This has no bearing on your purchase. There is no guarantee that the terminology of LAST ONE IN STOCK will 100% always be correct. We will not summarily destroy additional quantities found during inventory or in other locations afterward, simply because you do not wish anyone else to be able to buy this item. Additional sales of any item have no bearing on previous sales in this respect.
  • ''WE ONLY HAVE [X] IN STOCK'' We are removing this terminology from our site. We no longer wish to inform RESELLERS of how many items we have left, so they can predict futures of their own sales, or seek to wipe out our inventory so they can turn it over for double or triple the profit.
  • ''BACK ORDERED'' This means you are placing an order, purchasing against an incoming stock shipment, or the current known availability of an item in the main warehouse.
  • ''BACK ORDERED SHIPS WHEN STOCK ARRIVES'' This means you are placing an order, purchasing against a known regularly restocked item. Once the stock arrives, your order will ship out from us.
  • ''USUALLY SHIPS WITHIN 7 DAYS'' This means this particular item is usually obtained, or received into stock within a 7 day interval. If there are shipping or stock delays, the time before shipping can occur may be longer. This IS NOT a shipping deadline, guarantee, delivery time, delivery date, or promise of any sort, hence the word; ''USUALLY''.
  • ''SHIPS WHEN STOCK ARRIVES'' This means you are placing an order, purchasing against an item that has not been restocked, and which does not get restocked often. Once the stock arrives, your order will ship out from us. These items are most often artist prints and other works of art that take an unusually long time to print produce and manufacture, and are not stocked regularly. Your wait for these sorts of items may be in excess of 30 days.
  • ''OUT OF STOCK - CALL FOR AVAILABILITY'' These items are out of stock, and may never come back into stock. We are removing this terminology from our site as well, and replacing it with ''add to waiting list'' or ''not for sale'' as each items warrants.
  • ''ADD ME TO THE WAITING LIST'' These items are currently out of stock, have been out of stock for a while, and may never come back into stock. They often have disappeared over the past 12 months, and we do not know if they will ever show up again. Adding yourself to the waiting list means, IF the item suddenly arrives and we put it into stock, you will receive an email letting you know we did get at least 1 of that item into stock and it is available for sale. Items are sold on a first purchased first basis. If you receive the email and you check the item and it says it is not in stock, then someone else probably bought it before you could, but do not despair. Usually when an item reappears, there are more to come.
  • ''CUSTOM MADE ITEM OR CUSTOMIZED ITEM - SHIPS IN 14-21 DAYS'' This means that the item is MADE TO SPECIFICATIONS and once made, will be shipped from the manufacturer, to us, before it is shipped out to you, the customer. Manufacturing, shipment to us, and then receiving, inventory, product selection, packing and additional shipping to you, takes time. We will do our very best to meet the estimated or average ship times as described, but again, this is not a guarantee. Manufacturing and shipping delays from the manufacturer can and do affect this time frame on a regular basis.
  • ''SHIPS AFTER PERSONALIZATION''This means that personalization, if requested, will delay the shipment of the order. Not just that one item, but your entire order. Keep that in mind when placing an order and requesting personalization such as names dates or phrases added to an item.
  • ''NOT FOR SALE'' This means we used to sell this item, but it has been discontinued, or we have been out of stock of this item for so long, we no longer sell it. It can also mean that it is no longer in our best interests to sell this item, due to a number of reasons. Items not for sale will remain on our site as long as GOOGLE continued to penalize us for broken links or 404 errors when we remove items we no longer sell, from our site. In addition, we leave these items on our site for reference and historical purposes.
Additional terminology not listed, still applies, and may be added here at any time, for any or no reason. Thank you.