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The Story of Wish.   By Kerry R Williams II.   9/21/2013   Copywrite.   All rights reserved.


                WISH… Such a small and quaint little word, but one with so much potential… That’s exactly what Wish was. Wish was a star just like any other.

                Wish was a good star, good as any other. He did what he was told, he obeyed his elders and he was always very polite and well behaved. But something inside of Wish yearned to be set free. It started off as a little tickle in his tummy… and it grew. The next day it was a bigger tickle, and then a grumbling in his middle. Something was happening to Wish… something he didn’t quite understand.

                A week went by, and the feeling inside of Wish was almost too much to bear! He floated through the sky, almost unable to control himself. He would roll over and do cart wheels, he would race and dash, he would laugh and giggle, but the energy grew inside him still.  

                Then one day, a perfectly ordinary day, Wish went to his little star friends and asked; “Don’t you want to be different? Don’t you want to race across the night time sky like Mom and Dad? Don’t you want to twinkle and shimmer like Grandma and Auntie?”

                And do you know what Wish’s friends all said?

                “No”, was the reply.  All of Wish’s friends were perfectly content being ordinary everyday stars in the sky.

                Wish went home and asked his parents the same thing he had asked his friends. “Mommy? Daddy? Did… did you ever want to be something more… than an “Ordinary” star?

                Wish’s Mother looked at him and smiled. “Oh Wish. Stars are never ordinary. Just being a regular star like the rest of us is quite extraordinary. You would do well to go run along and play, and don’t bother yourself with such silliness.”

                Wish’s Father looked at him quite sternly. “Wish. It’s not easy being a “Star”. Everyone expects things from everyday stars, and it’s quite the job to keep up with just being an everyday star. Now run along and put this nonsense out of your thoughts.”

                Wish thought about his parent’s words, and what they meant to him. Oh sure, he was a star alright… and it wasn’t easy being a star. But Wish knew he could be so much more than an ordinary star.

                Wish went to his Grandmother and Grandfather, and asked them the question. “Grammy? Grampy? Didn’t you ever want to be… something more? Something more than an ordinary star?”

                Grammy Star smiled, and there was a special sparkle in her eyes. With a soft voice and a gently pat on the clouds beside her, she sat Wish down and explained. “Your Grandpa and I, were never Ordinary Stars.”

                “Oh no”, Grandpa Star added with a chuckle.

                “Your Grandpa was the fastest Shooting Star in all of the Universe when he was a younger star.”

                Wish couldn’t believe it. “Really Grammy? For Real?”

                “For Real”, Grampy Star chuckled and laughed, and his middle swelled. “Oh, Wish. I was never “Ordinary.” Neither was your Grandma. Oh Boy could she Shine in the night sky. When I met your Grandma for the first time, she was the Brightest Star in the Northern Sky.”

                “Well, My light has dimmed a bit with age”, Grandma star explained.

                “But she’s still the most brilliant Star in my eyes”, Grandpa Star added.  And with those words, Grammy Star grew a little bit brighter, and she smiled.

                Wish looked confused. “But mom and dad say being ordinary is just fine… and good… and-“

                “Your Mother and Father mean well.” Grampy Star explained. “But they were young when billions of stars joined us… and with so many stars in the sky, it’s hard to tell one from another… but what they all don’t understand is this…” Grandpa Star hesitated, finding the right words. “Every Star is Special.”

                Wish’s eyes grew big and he seemed to finally understand what it was that was growing inside of himself. “So I am special! I just have to find out how.”

                “Unfortunately, not every star figures out what makes them special before they fade away.” Said Grammy Star. “But, when a Star finds out what makes them special, it’s a sight to be seen.”

                Wish smiled bigger than he had ever smiled before. He took just a single moment to think about what he had in mind, and then set off to find out what made him special.

                Wish went to his neighboring stars, and asked them if they saw anything special about him. They all answered “No”, and said he was perfectly ordinary, but he knew better. And while he was talking to his neighboring stars, he began to notice things he hadn’t before.

                Twinkle, a little boy star that lived nearby, would brighten and dim very quick when he laughed or found things that were funny. Wish decided to tell Twinkle about his discovery, and Twinkle giggled and laughed as he had never giggled and laughed before! Twinkle was… twinkling!

                Glimmer, a little girl star that lived quite a few planets away, also had something unique. She would waver from side to side, and left a little trail as she moved through the sky. Wish told her how special she was, and she remarked, “That’s my glimmer!”

                Wish tried to twinkle, and he tried to glimmer, but could do neither. He continued on asking friends and letting all the stars know what he thought made them special.

                Sparky could crackle and shoot little bolts of lightning from his points. Streak could run fast and left a brilliant trail consisting of motes of light behind him. Whiz could spin faster than anyone else. Spot had a little dim area right in the middle of his belly. Tia was bright yellow, and even Tia hadn’t noticed she was so unique and special! Xander could change colors. Sparkle could go twinkle like twinkle and glimmer like glimmer at the same time! Blink could turn his light off and then turn it back on instantly!

                And at the end of the day, at the far reaches of the cosmos, Wish finally slowed down, and turned around. And what he saw took his breath away.

                Every Star in the night time sky, was shining with a light all it’s own. Every Star was special, every star was unique. Every star had a different name, and while some were very close to each other in size, color, shape, or what they could do, every star was just a little bit different… every star was a one of a kind.

                Wish looked away, and a single tear fell from Wish’s eyes and floated off through space. It didn’t go very far before it was scooped up by a very old, and very dim looking star, who floated over to wish and asked, “What’s wrong little star?”

                Wish looked up at the old wise star and said in a quiet voice, “I… I wanted to find out what was so special… about me. But I only found all of the special things about everyone else! I wanted to be special, I really did, but now I know… I’m really not that special at all…” Wish sniffled and tears welled in his eyes, and he looked like he might start sobbing, until he realized that the wise old star was gently chuckling and holding his middle. “Wha-  What’s so funny old star?”

                The wise old star leaned forward, and Wish could see his soft grey whiskers on his chin when he spoke, “You are the most special star in all of the Universe.”

                Wish’s eye grew wide and his mouth fell open. “H- How do you know? Please tell me! Please, Please, Please!”

                The wise old star pulled Wish close and his whiskers tickled Wish’s ear as he whispered to him; “You are so very special Wish. Little star, you have come so far, and looked so hard, but you never looked at yourself! Your very own dream was to find what made you special, but you’ve gone ahead and made everyone’s else’s dreams come true!”

                “I did???” Wish looked out across the universe and saw all the other stars smiling and spinning, twinkling, and shimmering, blinking and streaking, shooting and racing. “Oh my gosh!!! I DID!”

                And the feeling inside of wish exploded inside of him… Wish felt himself expanding, and growing, and changing…  A shower of sparks turned every color in the rainbow, and slowly they drew back together to form into a star shape once again…. But this time, Wish was completely different.

                Each of his points had changed into 2 different colors, and he now looked like a rainbow star! He raced home as quick as can be, and showed his mommy and daddy. They smiled and laughed and hugged him tight, thankful that Wish had finally found for himself, what they had known all along. Every Star is Special, they just have to find that out for themselves.

                And that is how Wish got his start.

So when you look up in the nighttime sky, make a “Wish” and repeat this song…


I wish to Wish,

the wishing star.

I wish to Wish,

from near and far.

I wish to Wish,

that he will see,

what’s so special?

Inside of me.


And as I wish,

upon this night,

I wish to know

What makes me bright,

I wish this wish, for all of you,

So that your dreams really do come true.