The Tastiest Candy on Earth: from Disney World!


There's nothing quite as special as candy from Walt Disney World. Of course, it's always fun to indulge your sweet tooth, but there's something extra satisfying about candy from The Most Magical Place on Earth. Maybe it's the secret recipes or the fun character shapes, or maybe Disney candy has some of the magic of Walt Disney World still inside it. We think it's all these reasons!

Exclusive Candy & Snacks

Your WDW Store is overjoyed to be able to share Disney theme park-exclusive candy and snacks with you! We get these straight from the parks, as fresh as can be, so you can experience the mouthwatering Disney munchies even if you can't travel back to Disney World anytime soon. We have all types of Disney candy, popcorn, fudge, cookies, Rice Krispies treats, and much more. We can also get all the seasonal Disney candy, so you'll find new special snacks all year round!

Fresh Candy from the Factory

We get all our candy straight from Disney, after you place your order, so everything is always fresh. If something sells out at Disney before we can get it for you, we'll have to take a rain check on that particular item, but trust us, it's worth it. Fresh candy from Disney is a million times better than it would be if we tried to keep it in stock just in case!

Movie Themed Candy

For a quick overview of available Disney candy, you can find everything from Inside Out giant fruit punch lollipops, to The Incredibles sour strawberry belts, to Nightmare Before Christmas Rice Krispies treats, and much, much more. There's definitely something for everyone, no matter which movie or character is your favorite, and no matter what types of candy you enjoy the most!

Collectible Candy

Some Walt Disney World candy comes in fun reusable or containers that you may want for your collection, so you'll still enjoy it even after you've eaten it all. For example, if you can't get enough Star Wars, you'll love these Millennium Falcon peppermints, TIE Fighter cinnamon mints, and BB-8 orange-flavored mints. Each comes in a small collectible tin in the shape of the spaceship or droid it's named after. Refill them with other mints or display them with your other Star Wars collectibles!

Take a look through our Walt Disney World candy catalog and please feel free to contact us with your questions. We're proud to be your source of the Most Magical Treats on Earth!