Toy Story Bad Guys

Disney Villain Spotlight: Toy Story Antagonists

Pixar's Toy Story brought about a new era in Disney's films, and not just because it was the first full-length CGI animation. Toy Story introduced us to characters we would continue to love for decades and introduced us to an unforgettable story of rivalry, friendship, and adventure. Toy Story 2 continued the legacy and is looked on as one of the very few sequels to do justice to — or even outshine — the original. Toy Story 3 brought us along on the journey of growing up and outgrowing your favorite things, and what that might mean for the toys in their secret world. And we're looking forward to new adventures in the upcoming Toy Story 4, set to release in June 2019.

Kids and adults of all ages have fallen in love with our heroes Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Rex, Slinky Dog, Jessie, and the others. But the Toy Story series also has some unique and compelling villains that are likewise unforgettable! And that's who we're going to put the spotlight on today: the antagonists.

Sid Phillips

Our first Toy Story villain was Sid Phillips, who was pretty much the epitome of a destructive kid. Joined by his dog Scud, Sid loved to torture toys in a variety of ways. He blew them up, reassembled them into mutants, gave them to Scud to chew, and otherwise wrought havoc in the toy world. When he got ahold of Woody and Buzz, he had special plans for them too!

After winning Buzz and Woody in a claw game at Pizza Planet, this maniacal child planned to melt Woody with a magnifying glass and blow Buzz sky high with a fireworks rocket, but fortunately, he was thwarted both times before he could go through with it. Sid's villainy caused Woody and Buzz to set aside their differences and work together, and at the end, Sid met with a fitting fate. We're not going to spoil it for you!

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Al McWhiggin & Stinky Pete

Toy Story 2 had a different pair of villains — an adult and a traitorous toy. Al McWhiggin was the owner of Al's Toy Barn, and he's best described as a greedy, unscrupulous toy collector who looked at beloved toys and saw only money. He was obsessed with finding a complete collection of toys from the 1950s TV show Woody's Roundup so he could sell them to a museum. Only Woody was missing.

When Al saw Woody at Andy's mom's yard sale, he wouldn't take no for an answer about buying him, even though it was a mistake and Woody wasn't meant to be sold. Al stole Woody and brought him to his store, where he met the other toys from his collection: Jessie, Bullseye, and Stinky Pete the Prospector. Stinky Pete was a villain in his own right, because he was a very unpopular toy and being in the museum would be the only way he'd get any recognition at all. The museum would only accept a complete set, so Stinky Pete was determined to keep Woody around at all costs! Check out Toy Story 2 merchandise here. Buy the collection for your kids or as part of a collection.

Lotso & Gang

Toy Story 3 changed a lot of things about the world, as Andy was leaving for college. He'd sold most of his toys and only planned to keep a select few favorites. Unfortunately, his mother accidentally put them in the trash. The toys believed they weren't wanted anymore and entered a donation bin, despite Woody's attempts to convince them otherwise.

After being donated to Sunnyside Daycare, the toys met the latest villains: Lots-O'-Huggin' Bear (or Lotso for short) and his gang. While at first Lotso seemed to be a kindly new friend who would help the toys adjust to their new life at the daycare, he soon revealed his true colors as a tyrannical overlord. He quickly imprisons the new arrivals in the Caterpillar Room, where they'll be subject to daily rough play by violent toddlers. Lotso believes love doesn't exist, and that the ultimate destiny of every toy is to suffer and end up in the trash. We do find out why he feels this way, but never has an adorable, pink, strawberry-scented teddy bear been so hateable! Fortunately, Lotso ends up on the receiving end of some real poetic justice, and Andy's toys find a wonderful new home. Find toys, collectibles, pins, and souvenirs from Toy Story 3!

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