Trick or Treat! Halloween at Your WDW Store

Trick or Treat! Halloween at Your WDW Store


Boo! Did we scare you? Don't worry, we're just getting into the spirit of Halloween. And better yet, a Disney Halloween! Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, and all our Disney friends are ready for candy, Jack o' Lanterns, popcorn, parties, and more.

Jump into the season right now with some Disney Halloween decorations and let the spooky festivities begin! You can find tons of Disney-themed décor featuring classic Disney characters suited up with Halloween themes, as well as creepy favorites like Jack Skellington and Sally, and plenty more straight from the Haunted Mansion. Plus, Halloween is the perfect day for witches, and Disney has witches to spare!

To really bring a Disney Halloween into your home, we also have plushes and pillows that can hang out on your couch, greet friends and Trick or Treaters at your door, or be cuddly nighttime buddies to keep the really scary ghosts away. It really works!

If you're looking for something special for your costume, Your WDW Store has a great selection of Disney World-exclusive Halloween costumes and accessories, so check them out. We also have Disney Halloween pins, perfect for adding a little of that Hallows Eve touch to an everyday outfit, as well as Disney Halloween apparel if you feel like going all-out!

Speaking of going all-out, families everywhere look forward all year to an absolutely terrific tradition: the Halloween party! Look to Mickey Mouse for inspiration and check out our Mickey's Halloween Party merchandise, along with Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. These wonderful events take place annually at Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom respectively and are full of excitement and fun for all ages. If you can't go this year, bring the party to your own home with Your WDW Store!

So, what else are you going to need? Candy; lots of candy! For treats like no other, check out our Walt Disney World-exclusive Halloween Candy and taste the magic.

Don't forget to check out all our Walt Disney World Halloween merchandise and look for anything missing from your collection. Enjoy, and let's make it a Disney Halloween!