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Our Trusted International Buyer Credit Card Certification Process provides a way for international buyers to certify that they are placing authorized purchases on our website, and that they are the authorized user and cardholder.

This certification is required for all new international orders, and all international buyers, who choose to fund their purchases with any sort of credit card, check card, bank card, debit card, etc. 

This certification eliminates the signature upon delivery requirement placed by the credit card companies, whereby CDI Marketing then needs to charge higher shipping and handling rates on international orders when the weight and size of the order is low, but the order total is high.

This certification also allows the purchaser to specifically select the rate of shipment, and have that rate of shipment charged, regardless of the Credit card companies requirement, since the requirement is being fulfilled in advance. 

  • The customer must provide a legible copy or picture of their government issued photo ID, showing their picture, their signature, and their address.
  • The address on the aforementioned ID, must match the shipping address, AND the billing address of the credit card used to fund the transaction.
  • The customer must provide a legible copy or picture of the credit card used to fund the transaction, and the name on the card must match that of the purchaser and the ID provided.
  • The customer must lastly provide the following Signed Statement. The signature must be that of the card holder, and must match the credit card and the aforementioned ID as well. This can be hand written or copied from this text, and the required signature affixed.
I,                   (PRINTED Name of Card Holder)                , certify that I am making authorized purchases on the website www.yourwdwstore.net, and that I am the authorized user and the cardholder. 
I authorize CDI Marketing, to make charges to my card, for the sole intent and purpose of funding my purchases, in order to fulfill my orders and ship my orders in accordance with the shipping rates I designate in my orders.
I acknowledge that my IP address is recorded for every transaction, including the date and time, and that by providing my following signature, I am certifying that I am making these purchases legitimately, and of my own free will.
I acknowledge that my orders will be shipped to the credit cards billing address I have provided, and by signing, I also accept delivery of all orders I place.
I understand I am responsible for paying any and all duties or taxes that my country levy's against the delivery of my order.

                  ( SIGNED  Name of Card Holder )                , Do Certify