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We work diligently to ensure all information displayed on our website is correct, however, occasionally a typographical error can and will result.
Typographical errors are identified as any error that results in a grossly misrepresented item characteristic unless specifically stated in the item's description AND the item's title.
Here are a few common typographical errors, which may be identified easily;
  • An item which is showing its price as $0.00, but does not state it is FREE in both the description and the title.
  • An item which has the wrong price listed on it and is at or below cost.
  • An item which states it's size is 4000 feet long, but is described as ''pocket sized''.
  • An item in which the picture is completely different than the item described in the title or description.
  • An item in which the title does not represent the items description.
  • An item in which the S&H is not representative of the items size and weight (Such as an item which states it is oversized, yet allows it to be shipped in a first class mail envelope)

In all cases, every effort will be made to identify the issue or error, and correct it so that a valid purchase of that item may be made. We apologize, but in some cases, further identifying information will have to be obtained from the manufacturer or distributor, in order to rectify the situation, and during that time, the item may no longer be available for purchase.
In the event a product is listed at an incorrect price, size, picture, description, or any other identifying factor, due to typographical error, we retain the right to cancel the entire order or remove the item which had the typographical error present, before the order is fulfilled. In any case, if an item in a customer's order is found to have a typographical error, the customer will be informed of the error, the item will be removed from the customers order by way of ''splitting'' the order and zeroing the items price, and any amount paid for that item will be refunded or not charged when the remainder of the order is fulfilled.