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Your WDW Store is excited to bring you a completely new shopping experience, WDW Outlet Shopping. Disney routinely discontinues items and discounts (liquidates) them in order to make room for new stock and merchandise. Through these local entities we are often able to find awesome discounts on merchandise which is no longer available in the local Disney Theme Parks. In addition, these venues sometimes provide merchandise that was miss-routed, and therefore we might find items that were meant for Disneyland, Disney Cruise Line or another one of the Disney Theme Parks, at prices much lower than currently available.

  • Routinely, we will post on social media that we expect to upload a video of the merchandise available at the local (Orlando) Disney Outlets.
  • On a regular basis, we will have our personal Disney Vlogger go to one or more of the local Disney Outlets and make an in depth merchandise video referencing as much of the discounted merchandise available.
  • In that video, we will reference items by name and try to be as descriptive as possible. We will include available sizing for apparel, pricing, and any additional information we feel is pertinent.
  • Once the video is done, and uploaded on social media, links will be made available for customers to view the video and if they choose, select items they would like us to purchase for them.
  • All submissions for merchandise will only be accepted via EMAIL, and only to the following email address: [email protected]. In the email that you send to us, you should include the following;
    • Your name, address, and telephone number. We will use the email address that you email us from.
    • The name of the item you would like as well as the size, quantity, and any additional identifying information. including the discounted price in the video.
  • All emailed requests should be made within 24 hours / 1 business day of the video's posting to social media and will terminate at 5PM EST the following day.
  • All emailed requests are treated as final. You may add to your order as long as those additional requests are made within the time frame.
  • From the moment the video is posted and emails are received, we will begin the process of procurement. We will obtain every item we possibly can, and requests for items will be fulfilled in the order they are received, and based on availability. If an item is no longer available for purchase, it will not be procured or fulfilled. Customers only pay for items that can be obtained.
  • Once all available merchandise is procured, we will pre-package each customers individual order, assess the S&H cost, and create a custom item on our website outlining each item that was obtained, it's cost, the entire order's associated local tax (the customer is responsible for all procurement costs including local sales tax), and the S&H rate for the OUTLET ITEMS.
  • A link will be emailed or messaged to the customer so that they may purchase their order on the website, and payment may be made via any one of the available payment methods we accept.***
  • Once the order is placed and paid for, the OUTLET portion of the order will be shipped out and a tracking number will be provided to the customer. Any additional non-outlet items that are ordered at the same time as outlet items, may ship separately, or at a later date, in accordance with our website terms and conditions.
  • All WDWOUTLET purchases are final. There are no returns, refunds, cancellations or exchanges. These items are being offered at a HUGE discount and based solely upon availability.

*** No additional discounts or promotions apply to any WDW Outlet order, including but not limited to, fee free payment discounts, free item giveaways, promotional items, or mystery items.
A few notes:
      Every order will be professionally packaged, shipped, and insured against damage or loss during shipment.
        Insurance is not optional. It is included on every shipment and in some cases we may make you pay for insurance, depending on the total cost of your order.
          We only ship to the customers verified address, which means only to the credit card billing address, or the address provided to us by way of PayPal or Amazon.
            We ship fast. Once payment is received your order will ship out quickly.
              We only ship with the USPS or Fed-Ex. We will do local resort deliveries for a $15.00 transport charge, or you may pick up your order from us and pay no shipping charge.
                Items are filled on a first request basis. If there is a limited number of items available, the people who requested that item first will receive the quantity available.
                  Limitations on quantities may be imposed. Generally, Limited Edition items, High End fashion items, jewelry and other such items have quantity limitations.

                  An example of how all this works;
                  We post a video showing 300 items at super discounted prices. You decide you want a Pinocchio shirt featured in the video which is normally $49.99, but on discount for $6.99. You also want a Sleeping Beauty Mug, normally priced at $24.99, but is now $2.99. You also want a $29.99 trading pin, now priced at $4.99. You also want a chocolate cake sold at your local bakery for $12.99, and it is not on sale.
                  You send us an email at [email protected], within 24 hours, listing the items you want that were featured in the video. You make no mention of the chocolate cake because we don't do that.

                  Your Email should read as follows;

                  Hi. I like your items. I would like to purchase one of the Pinocchio shirts, size XL, for $6.99. I also want a Sleeping Beauty mug that was $2.99 and the super cool trading pin you showed for $4.99. My email address is [email protected] I want the order shipped via DHL Overnight.

                  We get your email and go to procure (purchase) the items. The Outlet has the Pinocchio shirt in a size XL, the Sleeping Beauty Mug, but they are all out of the trading pin.
                  We will create a special listing for your order, outlining the items we were able to get for you, as follows, and send a link to that item through the return address on the email.
                  Your order contains;
                  (1) Pinocchio Shirt, XL. $6.99
                  (1) Sleeping Beauty Mug $2.99
                  APPLICABLE LOCAL SALES TAX PORTION - $0.70
                  Subtotal; $10.68
                  Shopping fee ($10 or 20% of the items subtotal - not including tax - whichever is larger). Since 20% of $9.98 would only be 20 cents, the minimum $10 fee would apply) $10.00
                  Shipping via USPS Priority Mail, Insured. (We don't ship DHL) Flat Rate Box Medium - $14.99 (or whatever it may be)
                  GRAND TOTAL: $35.67

                  We will then wait 48 hours for you to purchase your order through the link and pay for it. Once it is paid for, the order will be shipped and a tracking number provided to you.
                  If anyone has any questions, please feel free to email us at [email protected] to inquire.