Walt Disney World Theme Park Mystery Grab Bag ! - Surprises Galore Inside!

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Walt Disney World Theme Park Mystery Grab Bag ! - Surprises Galore Inside!
Walt Disney World Theme Park Mystery Grab Bag ! - Surprises Galore Inside!
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If you remember way back when... Disney had a little shop nestled in a breeze-way between Disney Tails and another store. You could enter from either store, right into the middle of the breezeway, or either end of the way itself. That little shop was Disney's on property discount and closeout section, and it used to have the most fantastic deals. As time goes on, that breezeway is now GONE. But one of the special things they used to sell in that shop, was a red bag filled with Disney stuff. We're talking 2010 time frame here, so please bear with us. After renovations and the breezeway being consumed by Pooh's Corner, which then became the Star Wars Store it is today, the red bags disappeared from property, but not from our hearts and memories. Being the huge Disney fans we are, we've recreated the Mystery Grab Bag, and even put our own spin on it, just for you.
THIS IS A TRUE MYSTERY GRAB BAG. We put these bags together with items we think people will love and cherish, and then we fold the tops, seal them with a sticker (it could be mickey, or any character to be honest) and then we store them away until someone buys them.
Back in 2010, these Red Bags cost $20.00 and to be perfectly honest, they were for kids. AND... well, the price wasn't that great for the contents. It was more FUN than Worth.
With all of that in mind, we're here to give you the true Mystery Grab Bag you deserve! The one we've all been waiting for! The Crème de la crème! Let's get to it.

  • MYSTERY means MYSTERY: You never know what you are going to get when you buy a Mystery Bag, but we do have guidelines and things you can count on!
  • THREE TO SEVEN ITEMS: Within the bag will be a MINIMUM of three items, and a MAXIMUM of seven items. NO, we do not know how many items are in the bags once sealed.
  • RED, RED, RED: Bags are a shade of red. They are pre-packaged and then sealed with a sticker. The sticker DOES NOT indicate the contents in any way shape or form. The sticker can be ANY Disney sticker we have on hand when making the bags.
  • CONTENTS: Contents may include vinylations, stuffed animal plushies, coffee mugs, ornaments, toys, pens, antenna toppers, stickers, pencils, knick-knacks, trading pins, keychains, magic bands, lanyards, or anything else we can cram in there.
  • THEME PARK STUFF: Bags will have AT LEAST 50% Walt Disney World Theme Park Merchandise (meaning it was sold in the theme park at some point).
  • LIKE ITEMS: If you purchase more than one bag, please note, you may receive like or identical items from one bag to the next. We make these bags in batches and when we get huge amounts of discounted merchandise, just like Disney did back in the day.
  • VALUE: You'll get the same VALUE of merchandise in the bag, equal to or exceeding the cost of the bag. This means if the bag costs you $29.99, the contents of your bag retailed for a minimum of $29.99, and often times, double or triple that value.
  • NO REFUNDS!: Due to the unique nature of these bags, there are no cancellations, no returns, no exchanges, and absolutely no refunds, under any circumstances!
  • LIMIT: There is a limit of ten (10) mystery bags per order. If you wish to purchase more than 10 bags, you will have to do so in separate orders.
All information is subject to change including but not limited to artwork, design, release dates, edition sizes and prices.
This item was created for and sold in the Disney World theme parks. Available here for a limited time.
Please Note: This item does not qualify for discount or promotion codes.
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