Walt Disney World Travel Tips

Walt Disney World Travel Tips

With four distinct theme parks, two water parks, and a bustling shopping center, Walt Disney World Resort can be a truly magical place to visit. As with any trip, you should get as prepared as possible so you can make the most of the experience. Straight from the pros at Your WDW Store, here are a few vital travel tips that apply to all the parks at Walt Disney World.

Reserve Your Fastpasses Early

Disney parks are famous for the rides, but they are just as notorious for the lines. Thankfully, there is a way to skip them — at least, if you adequately prepare well before the big date. Fastpass+ lets you bypass most of the queue for rides and attractions. You can get three for each guest at the kiosks, but you should get them in advance through the My Disney Experience app or website.

The best part is that if you do this, you can acquire another three Fastpasses through the kiosks once you use up the ones you reserved online. This means you should try to get them for the morning — but you should do that no matter what. The whole point is that Fastpasses tend to run out pretty quickly, and the later you wait to get them, the less you’ll be able to ride.

Ride the Newest Attractions First

If you are excited about a new ride at a Disney park, here’s something you should know: everyone is excited. That means that if you hope to wait anything less than two hours, you have two options. You could leave it for the very end of a long, tiring day and hope that the lines clear up by then. Or, you could get to the park half an hour before the park even opens, then immediately dash for the ride. No one will judge you for charting the shortest path on your map — many of them are doing the same.

The amount of time since the ride’s opening is not even necessarily a factor. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train at Magic Kingdom opened five years ago, and it still regularly sees 75-minute wait times just 15 minutes after the gates open. Now imagine how it must be for even newer attractions like Frozen Ever After at Epcot, Na’vi River Journey at Animal Kingdom, and Slinky Dog Dash at Hollywood Studios. If you want to wait less than five years before riding a new attraction, make that the first priority for your day.

Pack the Right Equipment

Without the right amount of foresight, you can find yourself spending a whole lot of money at the parks. One must-have is water, to keep you hydrated over a long day of constant walking and standing. You could certainly buy a refillable mug, but while it may be a nice souvenir, it can be pricy. Save some cash and bring plenty of water bottles instead. Make sure they are cool — the Sunshine State’s heat and humidity can knock your socks off. When you run out, refill at the water fountains or restaurants.

In addition to merciless sun, Florida is also known for rainstorms that go from a drizzle to a downpour to nothing and then right back to a downpour — all within five minutes. Though it is always worthwhile to keep a close eye on weather forecasts, it never hurts to pack an umbrella and ponchos. The ones they sell at the Disney parks can be a bit costly and flimsy, so bring your own if you can. Ideally, they should be big enough to keep you covered, but small enough to fit in your bag.

Get the Right Luggage & Travel Gear

All these tips should help you once you are inside the park. However, you do not need to wait until you get through the gates to show your love for the Mouse House. Here at Your WDW Store, you can find and order special Disney-themed luggage and travel gear. We have all your favorite characters on bags, totes, bag tags, containers, and even travel pillows and blankets. Come look through the hundreds of items in our inventory today so you can travel the Disney way.