Ways to Use Disney Pins
There are so many fun Disney pins! They feature all your favorite characters, park dates and names, Disney slogans, and much more. You can find a Disney pin for pretty much anything. But after you've bought a dozen or so, what do you do with them then? Here are a few ideas of how to use them.

Disneyfy Bags and Purses

Have a backpack that needs decorating? What about a casual Disney purse or tote bag that could use a little more Disney fun to spice it up? Add some Disney pins and see how many people notice! Put them on the bag body or on the straps. 

Display Boards & Wall Art

Who says you have to wear them? Get a nice cork board or fabric board and arrange your pins on that instead! Fill a large space with a lot of pins, so go ahead and splurge on however many you want. You'll have a place to display them. This is an especially good idea if your pins are rare, old, or expensive. Keep the more valuable pins on display safe at home, and wear the lesser value pins out and about. That way you won't risk losing the really exceptional ones. 

Gift Wrap Accessories 

After wrapping a cute Disney plushie in a box and tying it up with paper and ribbon, why not add a Disney pin to the ribbon's bow? It's a nice touch that will be much appreciated by a fellow Disney fan to add or start their own collection!

Stuffed Animal Accessories 

Why not give your Mickey Mouse stuffed toy a pin to decorate his red straps? Or maybe Goofy would like a pin on his too! The options are endless; you can decorate your Disney toys and decorative items with even more Disney!  Don't have a Disney plush? We can help you out with that, too! Find your favorite Disney stuffed plush character now!

Scarf Pin

Brr... It's cold outside. Use a Disney pin instead of a broach to hold your scarf in place. Bonus points if the scarf is Disney themed! 

Lanyards & Necklaces

All you need is a piece of thick ribbon and your favorite Disney pin. Simple attach the pin to the middle of the ribbon and tie it in the back, and you have a fun Disney choker style necklace. This is a great mix and match jewelry option for any die hard Disney fan. 

Add to your own Disney Pin collection now!