If you're on this website shopping for Disney memorabilia and merchandise, then chances are you're a Disney fan to one degree or another. At the very least you're aware of the brand and have most likely seen some of these famous Disney characters on TV once or twice. For many of us, Disney has become a key part of our memories. Many of us have been to Disneyland and have had wonderful experiences there with our friends and families, or we grew up watching Disney shows and movies. A lot of you might have old Disney toys and apparel items that have great meaning for you. There are so many ways that Disney memories have infiltrated our lives. 

Do you watch Disney movies every weekend with your kids? Did your parents get you your first Mickey Mouse toy when you were five and you never stopped playing with it? Did you become obsessed with trying to sound like Goofy? Do you have a Disney princess tiara in your closet from grade school? We want to hear your stories! What are your favorite Disney memories? Share them in the comments below!