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Starting 8/6/2016 this specialty loyalty based rewards program will add to our standard rewards point program as an additional benefit to customers who qualify.

Customers will earn STAR Levels based on their rewards points, and can qualify with their very first order!

  • 500 Points = Bronze Star Status
  • 1,000 Points = Silver Star Status
  • 2,500 Points = Gold Star Status
  • 5,000 Points = Platinum Star Status
  • 10,000 Points = Wishing Star Status

Each level grants the customer unique and special Star Powers! Like having free mystery items suddenly appear in your shopping cart, free of charge! Double, triple, or quadruple rewards points being applied to your account! Discount codes automatically applied! Discounted or FREE SHIPPING! There's no telling what your Star Powers will do for you!

Some Star Powers (advantages) are automatically applied to the customers order while they are shopping on the website, or once the order is completed. Other Star Powers may be randomly applied to orders after they are placed, or even after shipment. There is no guarantee of Star Powers being applied to any or all orders, and specific advantages granted may be rescinded if the order is returned, in whole or in part.

These terms and conditions apply to all customers who qualify for this rewards program.

In order to qualify, you must have a current account with us, and it must have valid contact information, and be in good standing. Qualifying rewards points accumulation begins 8/6/2016, and is not retroactive to any time before this date.

Some of, but not all, Specific Star Power advantages that may be applied to customers orders, are listed below;
  • Free Special Mystery Items added - May occur during or after check out, or even randomly added to packaging, free of charge.
  • One-Time one-item discount for future or current order.
  • One-Time one-item redemption for future or current order.
  • Order discount for future or current order.
  • Discounted S&H rates for future or current order.
  • Free S&H rate for future or current order.
  • Special Item Samples and promotions.
  • Special offers made available only to specific Star Level customers.
  • Free expedited handling of orders.
  • Free Shipping rate upgrades.
  • Head of the line offers for new merchandise being released.
  • Free personalization on specific items.
  • And more to come! As we discover new Star Powers, we will list them here!

PLEASE NOTE: Please do not try to manipulate the system, place large order and cancel them, or continually refill shopping carts and abandon them. The "You Can Be A Star" Program works based on your rewards points, not on what you put in the cart, how many times you check out, or how many items in your cart, or cart dollar total. Any attempts to manipulate the system, obtain rewards points illegitimately, or otherwise, may result in loss of account, account standing, and all rewards points, including Star Level, Status, and Powers (Advantages).