At first glance, Disney MagicBands seem like another superficial accessory — a strange rubber bracelet with a thick section sporting a Mickey Mouse head. Upon learning that it has actual utility within the Disney Parks and resorts, they might still strike some as unnecessary. This sentiment is understandable. After all, The Disney Company puts out new merchandise all the time. What makes this item different?

And yet, many enthusiasts cannot imagine visiting the theme parks without their Disney MagicBands. They may not be required to enjoy your trip, but they can enhance the experience and make your day much easier. One simply needs to know how to use them, and we will show you what you can do when you wear one. Then, you can decide for yourself if they are worthwhile.

Storing Your Tickets

For the first several decades of their history, Disney Parks required guests to use paper tickets for everything from park admission to FastPasses. Now, people can get both types of tickets through the internet with the My Disney Experience service. Even with this change, keeping everything organized can still be a problem, especially for families and other big groups.

Disney MagicBands offer a solution with their built-in radio frequency (RF) chips. With this technology, they connect directly to the admission tickets and FastPasses you ordered on your My Disney Experience account. You can tap the band against “touchpoints” at the front gate and, with a quick fingerprint scan to confirm your identity, step right inside. The same goes for any rides for which you have FastPasses.

Making Purchases

Besides tickets, people can also connect their personal MagicBands to their credit or debit card of choice. When you want to buy any goodies you spot as souvenirs or gifts, the kind folks at the store will gladly scan your band. These accessories can even come in handy for purchasing meals. If you sign up for the Disney Dining Plan, you can cover meals with credits through a quick scan.

MagicBands work exactly like using your card, except you can keep it wrapped around your wrist. They are harder for you to leave behind and harder for others to take. Visitors staying at Disney hotels can even get their purchases charged to their room. You can leave your cash and wallet there while you enjoy the day with your band.

Other Benefits

Connecting to your My Disney Experience account and your credit cards are the primary purposes of MagicBands. With that said, this truly 21st-century technology can do so much more. A quick tap against the lock gives you entry to your Disney hotel room, removing the need for easy-to-lose cards. Any pictures taken on rides or by wandering photographers at the parks can go straight to your online account, with the option to buy. The Imagineers also hid various magical surprises throughout the Parks and resort that you can only discover with this device.

In short, MagicBands are not required for most actions related to the Parks, but they can make the experience so much more convenient. You no longer need to worry about carrying and organizing your FastPasses, admission tickets, on-ride pictures, room keys, or even your credit cards. If you just keep the all-in-one bracelet somewhere handy, you can relax, enjoy yourself, and leave extra room for more souvenirs.

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