Being Careful with Car Magnets

Car magnets are a great way to decorate your car. You can find all kinds of designs out there: funny slogans, political self-expression, beloved Disney characters, and more. They are big enough for any pedestrian and driver to see. Most importantly, sticking them onto the metal is easy, and they only let go when you want.

That combination of strong adhesion and simple removal may be cause for worry. Some may wonder about the possible effects of car magnets on the paint job. If you want to know more about that and other related concerns, you are in the right place.

Problems with Paint

Have you ever taped a poster inside your home, tried to take out the tape, and accidentally pulled off some wall paint by mistake? Thankfully, car magnets do not take color from your vehicle on removal. At least, not by itself.

You may not notice all of it, but a car’s exterior can accrue dust and other contaminants. If you affix a magnet over that debris, it could chafe against the surface. Over time, all that pressure and slight movement can cause scratches. If you drive a leased vehicle or just like your car to look shipshape, this would be terrible.

Preventing Damage

The fact that such tiny particles can cause such visible damage is alarming. On the plus side, those tiny particles can be quite easy to remove. Before you place your car magnet in its new spot, you should clean the area with detergent and water. Wipe it down well so that not a trace of dirt or dust remains.

The immediate next move is to clean the back of the magnet as well, in the same manner. As soon as both are ready, you should stick the magnet onto the car right away. Any hesitation gives contaminants more time to latch back on.

Other Tips

The point of a car magnet may be to stay in its spot forever. To make it last forever, though, you should take it off and clean it every so often. You may never know when dust and other elements find their way between the magnet and the car.

On that note: the outside of the car is designed to withstand the elements. Still, weather, sunlight, climate, and more will cause the paint to fade or subtly shift color over time. Can you imagine how it would look if you removed the magnet and found a patch in a completely different shade? Changing the magnet’s spot from time to time can help prevent this issue.

Car Magnets at Your WDW Store

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