Discover The Best Department 56 Disney & Universal Figures

“Department 56” sounds like a secret and ominous government organization in a paranormal mystery show. The truth is much more pleasant: it’s a company that makes decorative porcelain figurines for the autumn and winter holidays. The company has been around for a long time, but only in 2008 did they start making sculptures themed to Disney and Universal properties. New waves came out periodically before becoming an annual release in 2017.

Department 56 Disney and Universal figures feature the company’s trademark excellent craft and careful design. If you want to deck your halls with cute sculptures of your favorite characters, check out our recommendations below.

Snowbabies at the Mantel with Mickey

Department 56 figures are often based on pre-existing characters from other companies. In-house artist Kristi Jensen Pierro created some of her own: the Snowbabies, cherubic infants as white as winter frost. They look adorable in any setting. At the Mantel with Mickey shows one in a comfortable-looking parka wrapping a gift and chatting with a retro black-and-white Mickey Mouse. Hand-knit stockings hang over the fireplace, creating a cozy environment that’s perfect for Christmastime.

Nightmare Before Christmas Sandy Claws

Instead of adding yet another little Santa Claus statue to your collection, why not add a Nightmare Before Christmas Sandy Claws figurine? He may not be a “fearsome king,” and he may not have great big claws at all. Even so, he’s still the ruler of Christmastown, and one who deserves respect. This sculpture depicts him on a regular day, checking his list twice while surrounded by toys. Maybe it can remind the kids in your household to not be naughty.

Disney Village Minnie’s Cotton Candy Shop

Disney Village Minnie’s Cotton Candy Shop is a brand-new Department 56 Disney figurine for the 2021 wave. The Disney Village line mostly presents Mickey and friends in classic Christmas situations. Some are detailed buildings that you can line up into a wonderful decorative miniature village, like this one. You can see the Minnie-shaped cotton candy in the windows and bags tantalizingly labeled “Sugar” along the front. The candy-striped pole and pink exterior will look lovely on your table.

Frozen Village Olaf in Summer

Frozen Village is something of a sister series to Disney Village, allowing collectors to recreate the kingdom of Arendelle. Olaf in Summer features everyone’s favorite happy snowman romping along the grass and basking in the summertime warmth. We can understand why this scenario would be concerning to some people, but don’t worry: you can display this figurine in wintertime, too. No matter when you bring it out, the sight of Olaf in Frozen Village can make people’s hearts melt.

Harry Potter Village Filch and Mrs. Norris

We so rarely get to discuss Harry Potter on our blog. Fans will be happy to know that we have plenty of merchandise from the series. For example, have you ever looked at your collection of decorations and thought that it looked incomplete without the horrid caretaker of Hogwarts? Department 56 has you covered with the Harry Potter Village Filch and Mrs. Norris figurine. Filch makes a characteristic sneer while holding a lantern in one hand and his cat in the other, looking out for mischief-makers.

Department 56 Disney & Universal Figures at Your WDW Store

Department 56 Disney and Universal figures make for wonderful additions to any collection of holiday decorations. If you want one for yourself or as a gift for a loved one, check out the 100-plus selection here at Your WDW Store. Many of your favorite characters from both companies star in detailed and lovely sculptures that can be yours today.