Best Disney Cell Phone Accessories

The Halloween season has passed and Walt Disney World has made its transition to the winter wonderland. This is like a shout-out to all the Disney fans across the world who are starting to prep up for the holiday season.

Ultimate Disney Fandom On The Go

Speaking of the fans, being a fan is a huge thing for many and if it is about fandom for Disney, it is an unmatchable and incomparable fandom. The Disney fans imbibe its magic deep down in their soul in such a way that it is no more than just a name but take the form of an emotion. Fandom has given way to mushrooming of various kinds of businesses that produce accessories to satisfy the thrust of Disney fans. These manifestations can take place in multiple ways including cell phone accessories.

This blog post of ours will walk you through some of the fun cell phone accessories for your phone which will give you absolute happiness as a Disney fan.

Disney Cell Phone Accessories

1. Phone ring holder: Mickey fans will not be able to keep away from this. A mickey shaped phone ring holder is something which is irresistible as it is absolutely great for a good hand grip and has all the “magic” as it represents Disney. It is a combination of fashionable and helpful. If you have a rose gold iPhone, you can go for a rose gold ring holder and it will add a new charm to your phone.

2. Phone cases: Now, this section will be wide as it will cover a wide variety of phone cases that are available for smartphone users who are an ardent follower of Disney. There are multiple portals and stores which have mushroomed today with a creative edge to give you a huge pool to Disney emotions. Your WDW Store has a lot to offer when it comes to phone cases, especially for iPhone 6 onwards. Here, you can find phone cases based on the themes of Lady and the tramp, Minnie mouse, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella and Gus, Frozen and the list can go on and on.

As we talk of the phone cases, we can not skip mentioning the Disneyland resort icons case, Olaf case, Disney animator’s collection case, Steamboat willie case, and Chip n dale leather case.

3. Phone accessories: Your WDW Store has various Disney-themed earbuds and headphones as well which you will not be able to say no to. If you love princess crown or Mickey Mouse, or Minnie Mouse, the store has all sorts of earbuds and headphones for you. It also has Jack Skellington themed mini speaker, mickey mouse power bar and USB hub, and much more. If you love mickey mouse more than anything else, you can also go for a little mickey USB charger which will help you to keep your phone charged for at least eight hours.

4. Tech stickers: If you want to show off your love for Disney, after the above-mentioned accessories, you can add the tech stickers of Cruella de Vil, the Evil Queen, Ursula and Maleficent to your list. They will be the most vivid Disney accessories for your smartphones and other gadgets.

Explore the Magic in Your World!

Carrying these gadgets will place you as the true lover of Disney, if you plan to go out, especially exploring the winter wonderland. In addition to this, just as a tip, do prepare well before you prep up for the winter wonderland. Free up your phone’s space so that you are able to capture the greatest of memories. Create shortcuts to mobile sites, remember enabling features such as Find my phone and find my friends. To be on a safer side, do take out the screenshots and the print outs of your reservations, from the last moment breakdown of the My Disney Experience App.

For a better experience, you can install some other free apps as well such as My Disney Experience, DropBox, Flashlight app, Weather Channel app, postcard on the run, uber, etc.

As said for any great experiential thing, Disney is not just a name or an emotion, it is an experience and certainly the kind worth having once in a lifetime.