The Best Disney Laptop Sleeves for Your Computer

Beyond all other qualities, laptops are perhaps best defined by their portability. The problem with portability is that laptops can be fragile. A single drop from a few feet or a hard enough thunk may result in scratched screens, busted keys, or much worse damage.

Laptop sleeves can wrap them in a hardier material and provide much-needed protection. Anyone who likes taking their computers to go is strongly advised to get their own pouch. While you’re at it, why not get one with your favorite Disney characters? Here are a few of the best Disney laptop sleeves on the market

  • Oh Mickey

Mickey Mouse predates the earliest personal computers by decades, but he’s always been a mouse of the moment. At the very least, today’s artists still draw as much inspiration from the mascot as Disney storytellers did nearly a century ago. The Oh Mickey laptop sleeve is particularly unstuck in time. The illustrations on both sides feature vintage cartoon characters in a retro pop art style, adorning a bag built for modern laptops.

The sleeve also has some notable features. It’s made with foam, which cushions the laptop against hard surfaces. It’s 15 inches, offering enough space for most popular computers. Moreover, it’s been discontinued. You won’t find it at The Disney Store, but you can find it in our own shop.

  • Houndstooth Mickey Mouse

The cool thing about Disney’s laptop sleeves is that many are reversible. Most have different illustrations on each side. Some take advantage of this format by featuring designs in different art styles. For example, the Houndstooth Mickey Mouse pouch has a bold black-and-white collage of Mickeys on one side. The other is an extravagant pattern of graffiti graphics.

The sleeve comes in two sizes, ranging in width between 13” and 15” for the convenience of more laptop users. It’s padded, which makes it good for keeping your hardware safe, yet lightweight, so you can tote it with ease.

  • Nightmare Before Christmas

If you want a break from Mickey Mouse, you can’t go any further from the happy-go-lucky mascot than the mischievous Jack Skellington. The reversible Nightmare Before Christmas laptop sleeve features the Pumpkin King in all his spooky resplendence. The front is a close-up, but if you turn it over, the sleeve is suddenly riddled with grinning skulls.

This carrying bag has the design part down, and its functionality is just as good. The whole pouch, which measures 15” by 11”, is made from high-quality neoprene and padded for extra protection. Just tug on the D-Tech pull and zip it all the way, and you’ll be good to go.

Laptop Sleeves at Your WDW Store

As you can see, all the Disney laptop sleeves above not only have a great visual design, but also a great functional design. One more thing they have in common is that they are available here at Your WDW Store. Some of our sleeves have been discontinued, so you can only get them here while supplies last. Give your computer the protection it deserves and carry it around in style.