Do you think Disney fans are a dying breed? Think again! The Walt Disney Company made a whopping $69.57 billion last year. That profit is only expected to rise in the coming years.

Are you a Disney lover already? Are you ready to pass on your love for all things Disney to your children, nieces, or nephews? If so, then you're in the right place!

Read on to learn everything you need to know about the best Disney toys for toddlers.

1. Adorable Stuffed Animals

If you're looking for cute mickey mouse toys for tots, then look no further than stuffed animals. There are a lot of reasons why kids love stuffed toys. Experts believe kids get attached to these comfort items. Most kids prefer their comfort toys more than new ones!

If you're looking for a stuffed Mickey plush, then make sure you pick something special. You should get something to commemorate a holiday or occasion. We've got many options to choose from like an Easter-themed Minnie or a Thanksgiving Day Mickey.

2. Collectables: Patches and Pins

Are you looking for something that will last for years to come? It's a great idea to get a pin collection started for your toddler while they're young. As they get older, they can add to their collection. Check out our 7 pin booster set now to get started!

Another cute idea is to invest in iron-on patches for your toddler. With these patches, you can add your loved one's favorite character on all types of things.

3. Collectables: Toys and Trinkets

Do you have awesome toys from your childhood? Why not pass on this tradition to your toddler? You can get started by getting them some cute Star Wars memorabilia.

Star Wars never goes out of style! If you keep the toys in good condition, then they may even gain some value over the years!

4. Toddler T-Shirts and Hoodies

If you have a toddler, then you know how fast they grow. You also know how accidents can lead to several outfit changes a day. As a result, you have to buy a lot of clothes as a parent.

There's nothing cuter than seeing your tot tucked in a Mickey Mouse hoodie! Or, get them a cute first trip to Disney shirt so they'll always remember your magical vacation.

The best part about these Disney-themed clothes is that you can keep them once your tot outgrows them! Put them in a memory box, and your child will light up with joy when you open the box in their later years. Even better, save them for your future grand-babies!

Disney Toys for Toddlers You Don't Want to Miss

These four categories of Disney toys for toddlers provide a great basis for gift giving. Next time it's time to buy a gift for the little loved one in your life, consider these options!

Are you still looking for more Disney gift ideas? Our shop is full of incredible options for you and all the loved ones in your life. Keep browsing through our shop to make all your dreams come true!