Why Disney Characters Remain a Favorite for Party Themes

Disney characters have been a favorite for children's merchandise for many years. Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck and Pluto are some of the most recognized children's characters in the world. Many have grown up enjoying these characters, and continue to enjoy them well into adulthood.
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Why Villains Are Fun To Wear

Too many people forget that the Disney villains have their popularity. Although it is a given that the princesses, fairies, and other lead characters will always be popular, the villains have always had their own cachet: We all some hidden desire that needs to remain hidden, yet the Disney villain is able to express that desire, making it something that defines that character and making them just a little thrilling to see in action. Because of that cachet, the villain is instantly the person we understand the most and the one that scares us the most.
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