When we talk about beverages, beer is the first one to come to our minds. Since its introduction to the world 7000 years back, beer has been enhancing the pride of gatherings. This is why International Beer Day is celebrated worldwide to acknowledge the common thirst of mankind.

It is a fun holiday wherein people gather together and enjoy a few beers. Now if you are curious about how to celebrate this delighting day, we are here to help you. In this article, we’ll tell you how to celebrate this day and make it memorable with Disney beer products.

But first, let’s know about the history and significance of this day. So let’s dive right in:

History of International Beer Day

The International beer day was first celebrated in 2007 in Santa Cruz, California. Jesse Avshalomov was the person behind this idea. Little did he know, this idea of his would gain attention of beer lovers from entire world. Since 2007, this day is being celebrated on the first Friday of august. Almost 80 countries of 6 continents celebrate this day.

Why International Beer Day is celebrated?

  • It's a fun holiday and you gather with your friends and enjoy the taste of beer to your heart's content.
  • It's a unique and interesting way of showing your gratitude to those who are responsible for brewing and serving the beer.
  • Another reason is the unification of the world under the banner of beer. Every country celebrates this day on the same date to enjoy the beers of different nations together.

How to celebrate this day?

  • Best way to celebrate this day is to gather with your friends and family, go to a pub and buy glasses of beer for each other.
  • Order a number of glasses of beer for your friends and put them in a holder and what's better than holding them in Disney Food and Wine Utensil - Beer Flight Holder.
  • Travel around the city carrying your bag filled with beer bottles. To avoid confusion of mingling your bags with those of others, place Universal Luggage Bag Tag – Duff Bear on your bag. It is made of PVC and comes with a buckle strap.
  • Wear theme outfit to stand out in a crowd. Disney Ladies Shirt coming with “Beer is Brewtiful” printed on it, will definitely help you become a party girl.
  • Appreciate the devotion of brewers and bartenders as they provide us with the best hospitality. This is a perfect day to honour them for pouring a variety of beers.
  • You can show your gratitude by leaving an extra tip for the bartenders and gift for brewers. Disney Hat - Brews around the World - Beer Mug will be the most suitable gift to give them as it perfectly suits their profession. It resembles a beer stein and comes with adjustable size. You can also wear it to express friendly feelings towards them.

Parting Notes

We hope you find this list helpful. This day is fun and it increases manifold with the use of products mentioned above. If you’re interested in other Disney beer products, you can visit our website. Contact our supportive customer service executives anytime. We’d be happy to have a chat with you.