Celebrate National Hat Day with These Fun Disney Hats

Everyone enjoys a good hat. Even those who rarely ever need or want to wear one still take joy in sporting a dapper cap or eccentric headgear. If you want a great occasion, you couldn’t do better than National Hat Day on January 15. If you want some recommendations, we have a list of fun Disney hats that you can keep handy.

Plush Stitch Ear Headband

From one perspective, wearing the Plush Stitch Disney Ear Headband can make you look a little more like the cuddly alien. It comes with the floppy ears and the tuft at the top, and his huge eyes and nose are printed on the band itself. From another perspective, wearing it can make you look like you’re being devoured by Stitch himself. Ah, but we all know that Experiment 626 doesn’t eat people. Right?

Redd Pirate Hat for Adults

Remember “the redhead,” the person being auctioned like an object in the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction? She became a buccaneer herself in a much-needed modern update of the ride. Now, you too can follow Redd into the pirate’s life with the Redd pirate hat for adults. This crimson tricorn sports a big black feather and a golden skull-and-crossbones emblem. We’re sure kids can wear this Disney hat too if they want. Redd would approve of such rule-breaking and role-defying.

Hollywood Tower Hotel Bellhop Hat

They sure had style back in the Golden Age of Hollywood. Even the elevator attendants at the Hollywood Tower Hotel received fashionable fezzes with gold and black epaulet trims on a gorgeous burgundy fabric. The hotel has since fallen into disrepair, leaving only a Tower of Terror and a surprisingly enduring style. You can see that in the Hollywood Tower Hotel Bellhop Hat, a popular piece of merch from Disney’s Twilight Zone-themed thrill ride.

Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween 2010 Witch Hat

The spirit of National Hat Day can live on all year long. The same goes for Halloween. Why not combine them with the Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween 2010 witch hat? Despite the name, this conical headgear is quite spooky. The fabric is tinted in a rotten leathery brown and marred with black webs. Then there’s the spider dangling from a thread off the Disney hat’s tip — and the spider’s head is shaped like that of Mickey Mouse! That’s just disturbing.

Haunted Mansion Hatbox Ghost Ear Hat

Speaking of spooks: if the Haunted Mansion’s Hatbox Ghost is not Disney’s patron saint of National Hat Day, he may be its patron specter. As your Doom Buggy passes his spot, his head disappears from his head and reappears in a hatbox, with his top hat still floating. The Haunted Mansion Hatbox Ghost Ear Hat is a fitting tribute, complete with shocking grey-and-white locks. Leave it to the Haunted Mansion’s resident revenants to make something as conventional as a Mickey ear hat into something truly eccentric.

Fun Disney Hats at Your WDW Store

We have to cap off our list of humorous Disney hats here, but there are so many more worth checking out. Your WDW Store is home to a huge hoard of headgear — so much that we made a whole other list of the best Disney hats back in 2020. With our help, you can celebrate National Hat Day in style.