It’s National Senior Citizens Day and we’re ready with the due gratitude. To give you a brief background about the importance of this blog: Former US President, Ronald Reagan had signed a proclamation in the year 1988 declaring August 21 to be celebrated as National Senior Citizens Day. 

Throwing light onto the importance of gratifying senior citizens, this day was earmarked to celebrate their life and accolades. 

Ways to Celebrate National Senior Citizens Day:

  • Throw A Party: 

Celebrating life as we cascade through it is as important as living it. Senior citizens tend to have a mundane routine, most of them in America are not essentially in the best of health, for those of them who are, it is important to celebrate life. Invite a few friends, bake a cake, throw in a few activities and celebrate this day. 

  • Journey back To Childhood: 
It is important to keep the child in you alive, more so in your old age. Treat yourself to Disney goodies and relive your younger days. The perfect blend of comfort and a fun gift to yourself are the Disney Crocs from Yourwdwstore. 

  • Chalk Out A Routine : 
Old age comes with a mundane routine. Amp up your day or week with fun activities or sign up for voluntary work. While you are at it, stock up on accessories like tote bags, water tumblers etc that not only come at a discount for senior citizens but also will add colour to your day and make you revisit your childhood!

  • Practise Self Care : 
One's hectic schedule throughout life does not leave much time for self-care. However, one of the advantages of old age allows you time to take care of yourself. Do the same whilst reliving your childhood, indulge in treating yourself to fun accessories that too on a discount only from Yourwdwstore. 

  • Senior Citizen Discounts
Being a senior citizen entitles you to a number of perks. Having reached the second innings of life implies having successfully gotten through the rigorous first. Pamper yourself with goodies that are earmarked and specially discounted for senior citizens. 

In the due course of our busy routines, we often tend to not give precedence to important days like Senior Citizens Day. A small token of gratification from us is this celebratory sale at yourwdwstore. Do check it out to pamper yourself or a loved one.

 Whether it is going out to celebrate the day or spending a quiet afternoon with a book at home, it is important for seniors to celebrate this day in their own little way. On this day, it is important for all senior citizens, to Indulge in self-love and do whatever pleases their heart & relaxes the mind.