Disney fans are some of the most passionate people in the world. The love we all have for our favorite Disney franchises inspires us to share classic films with the younger people in our lives, but that's not all. We're famous for collecting all sorts of merchandise - Disney pin trading, for instance, is a huge hobby that ties millions of people together! While pins are more famous, Disney magnets are one of the best choices of merchandise for a new collector. 

Collectible Disney Magnets 

These collectibles have a draw that's absolutely magnetic. One of the nice things about collecting magnets is they're so easy to display. They'll stick right onto any metal panel and look right at home on your refrigerator or microwave. Not to mention, Disney magnets are just as charming as they are functional. Whether you're pinning up calendars or a child's latest work of art, a Disney magnet adds an extra touch of personality. 

  • Disney Passholder Magnets 

Disney passholder magnets are one of the nicest things about holding an annual Disney pass. They're a special bonus for being a passholder that you can't buy in stores; they're often limited availability. Picking up your passholder magnets is easy as can be: just head to the pickup area, validate your pass, and enjoy your free magnet! You can even pin it to the hood of your car while you're riding, although you'll want to store it somewhere secure when you leave the car. 

  • Disney Cruise Door Magnets 

What's a better touch to your stateroom than some nice Disney door magnets? Whenever you go on a Disney cruise, you're sure to see doors decorated with dozens of Disney characters. You can buy find them on cruises, as well as in our digital storefront.

Our Favorite Disney Magnets

There are so many Disney magnets, but we definitely have a few of our favorites. Since we enjoy using our Disney magnets to pin up art our kids have made on the refrigerator, art-themed magnets are especially cute. Sorceror Mickey is one of his most iconic roles, which makes this light-up magnet one of the best.

Who doesn't love all things ghoulish? While it's a bit spookier than most Disney magnets, that unique touch makes this commemorative Haunted Mansion magnet a favorite. Fifty years of frightening fun and plenty of unforgettable memories with family.

Disney has released so many classic Christmas movies over the years that it seems impossible to count all of them. Can Christmas really be complete without Mickey Mouse and friends? I don't think so! This iconic 'Happy Holidays' magnet is a great yuletide addition to any collection. 

A Wide Selection of Disney Magnets 

Many Disney magnets are made in limited quantities and have a high collector's value. Whether you're interested in rare Disney magnets or more popular ones, we sell hundreds of Disney magnets.