Deck Your Tree With These 7 Disney Christmas Ornaments

When people think of Christmas trees, most picture dangling bulbs, tinsel, a star or angel at the top, and other cute decorations. In our hearts, though, no tree is complete without at least a few Disney Christmas ornaments hanging from the branches. Like-minded fans can choose from hundreds upon hundreds of them. In honor of the holiday season, we’ll share a few of our faves.

Santa Mickey on Green Snowflake Ornament

By far the most popular Disney Christmas ornaments are the trio of bulbs, configured to resemble Mickey Mouse’s iconic head shape. The Santa Mickey on Green Snowflake ornament stands out for its striking seasonal color, the glittering snowflakes, and the presence of the mouse himself. He’s even sporting St. Nick’s garb!

Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure

Rats aren’t welcome on Christmas trees — except, of course, for our favorite rodent chef. The Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure Disney ornament features Remy, rendered in a cute art style, waving from inside a slice of Swiss cheese. You can even detach its lobster clip from the ribbon and use it as a keychain throughout the year.

Jack Skellington Mini Snowglobe

It wouldn’t be a Disney holiday without The Nightmare Before Christmas. The Jack Skellington Mini Snowglobe Disney ornament will look great lurking among more conventional decorations. For starters, it features the Pumpkin King, glowering over the holiday he almost conquered. On top of that, it’s a snow globe! How fun!

Park Icons

How old is this collection of Park Icons Disney Christmas ornaments? Hollywood Studios is still represented by the Sorcerer’s Hat. These glittering, stylized depictions of Cinderella’s Castle, Spaceship Earth, and the Tree of Life are long-lived — not bad, considering they’re made of glass. You can order them individually or get the complete set.

Alice in Wonderland

We are big fans of Disney’s animated classic Alice in Wonderland. It’d be most curious, then, if we didn’t highlight this lovely Alice in Wonderland Disney Christmas ornament. The illustration shows Alice singing in the garden, with various flower … friends … surrounding her. The design will fit nicely within the thistles of the tree.

Reinhard Herzog Mickey Ears Multi-Colored Large

As we mentioned in our recent article on the Wonderground Gallery, many artists take inspiration from Disney iconography. For example, the Reinhard Herzog Mickey Ears Multi-Colored Large bulb is a great demonstration of the German glass artist’s “montage technique.” It involves melting glass of several different colors and crafting an intricate piece from the mix — like this.

Sleeping Beauty’s Maleficent

All this cute stuff is great and all. That said, the presence of a true villain can really spice up a Christmas — especially the Mistress of All Evil herself. The Sleeping Beauty’s Maleficent ornament is a detailed decoration that would look great on any tree. It’s a must-have, if only because not inviting Maleficent to a party can have dire consequences.

Disney Christmas Ornaments at Your WDW Store

Disney Christmas ornaments are perfect for celebrating such a magical holiday. If these seven suggestions are not enough for you, then you can find about 1500 more in our online store. Browse our fantastic selection today so you can give your tree an extra helping of magic.