Autograph Books for Meeting Your Favorite Disney Characters

Everything about visiting a Disney theme park is special. With that said — and especially for kids (and kids at heart!) — among the most special parts is seeing beloved characters come alive. Better still is getting to meet them yourself. You can get pictures, of course, but you can say hi, give high-fives, and even hug them if you want. It is one of the truest examples of the parks’ magic.

To that end, people love having a way to preserve the magic of that moment. Disney autograph books are a great and unique way to do it. Here is some information on this wonderful Disney parks tradition.

Why Get an Autograph Book?

Truth be told, Disney characters and cast members do not exclusively sign licensed Disney autograph books. They are willing to sign photographs, postcards, Disney-themed photo frames, Disney storybooks, t-shirts (if you’re not wearing them!), and even Disney ears.

With that said, there is something special about having a book specifically for collecting character signatures. For starters, the art is often nice, both on the cover and on the inside. For another thing, it can be quite valuable for collectors in the future, who may pay top dollar for the contents. Most importantly, though is that it is a fantastic souvenir. Park visitors can share unique experiences with an array of beloved icons, and the autographs they receive will preserve the moment forever.

Who Signs Autographs?

Most characters will be perfectly happy to sign your book for you, especially if they are cast members rather than costumed mascots. However, before you get your hopes up too high, you should know that not everyone you meet at the Disney parks will sign the book. For some characters, it is just not in their nature — particularly villains like the Evil Queen and Kylo Ren. For others, the issue is with articulation: Beast and Mike Wazowski are not dexterous enough to sign, while Buzz Lightyear often uses a stamp.

To further complicate the matter, whether or not a character is willing to sign may vary based on a few factors. It may depend on the day, or the time of day. We can at least guarantee that no one will sign your book during a dance party event. Your best chances for a signature are to visit them for a scheduled meet-and-greet.

Further Advice for Snagging Autographs

If you want to skip the lines, the best time to go is early in the day. When everyone else is racing towards the newest attraction, you can share a special moment with a character you have loved since childhood. One additional benefit is that their hands will not be cramping after hundreds of signatures, so the one you get will definitely be legible.

Another great way of securing signatures is to book a dining experience that includes characters. A whole bunch of them will be in one place at the same time, and they take care to visit every single table. They will be more than happy to sign your Disney autograph book. Plus, you will have a great time!

Finally, try to get one from Olaf. He has sticks for arms, so he cannot write his name. He can, however, draw a happy snowman!

Buy Disney Autograph Books Online

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