Disney Glassware for Table Settings for Your Next Party

It is no doubt that Disney resides in every heart. Since 1923, Disney has been ruling our television sets with their timeless classics. So, we always possess a special wish to live in the Walt Disney world someday. Alas! That’s seemingly impossible unless you are ready to be creative.

With Christmas around the corner, it is only fitting to combine a celebration of the classics with festivities to throw a magical party. And what better way of doing that than using Disney glassware?

DIY Your Magic Kingdom With the Best Disney Table Settings

Whether you are hosting your gathering for adults or children, your Disney party table needs to be festal. You can start by adding our Disney glassware to your Disney themed table settings. Our beautiful dinnerware flaunts vivid illustrations of your beloved characters.

Then, move on to enriching your table with the essential party supplies. Decorate using themed napkins, cutlery, and elegant glasses. Remember that the best Disney table settings are eye-catching and distinctive.

With Mickey and Minnie, your party is bound to be merry.

Serve Disney Themed Food in Beautiful Glass Tableware

Now that you have the best Disney table settings, it’s time to make the ‘good food’ checklist to utilize your Disney glassware properly.

Let’s start with the drinks. If you dig enough, you will find that there are several recipes for beverages. You can use an impressive set of martini glasses for pouring your guests some Enchanted-themed magic martini or wine glasses to serve Cheval Blanc 47 from Ratatouille.

Once your drinks are set, you can move on to your selection of food. Plan your lunches and dinners by accounting for the number of courses you intend to serve. While the ideal way to start the service is with a steaming bowl of soup, you can also try adding a quick bread service to the course.

Parties are also an excellent time to experiment with your favorite food from the classics. From serving Remy’s ratatouille in a Yuletide bowl to serving the mint sorbet from the Princess Diaries in a princess dessert plate, you can take a trip down the memory lane with each course.

And not to forget, Belle’s souffle or just plain ice cream in Ariel’s bowl can tie up the party perfectly. Nothing warmer than great desserts offering a fulfilling end to the event!

Promote Sustainable Disney Glassware

Behind the gay scenes of any good party is a ton of waste. Most of the party supplies used are disposable and tellingly add to the pile of litter on the planet. And unless you use 100% recyclable plasticware, there is a high possibility that you will contribute to the existing plastic pollution.

Fortunately, our Disney glassware is reusable. They can be set aside after the party and used again. Additionally, glassware is safer than plasticware for storing the leftovers. They are also a sustainable choice for every household.

Moreover, our Disney glassware can help you educate your guests about the best party practices. Making use of a sustainable Disney dining plan can also amplify your party spirit. After all, it’s incredibly rewarding to do good for the environment.

Gift a Souvenir to Remember the Disney Party

To make your party seem like a scene from a Disney movie, you must draw a little from the magic kingdom to your home. Most hosts believe presenting the guests with souvenirs is one of the best ways to conclude the party. This is because the only thing that triumphs over top-notch Disney-themed table settings are free souvenirs.

Themed souvenirs serve two purposes; they show your guests you appreciate their time, and they help your guests remember the delightful time they had at your party. 

While picking your souvenirs can be tough, we have a bunch of Disney-themed presents that your guests are sure to love. So, your work is already done.

You can opt for something as simple as a Disney card or designer pins to remind them of their time here. Your souvenirs may also include Disney figurines that might strike the nostalgic cord in your guests.

Lastly, as a token of gratitude for attending your party, you can gift your guests Disney pressed coins that are both personal and festive.