All You Need to Know About Disney Pin Trading and Collecting

There isn't much that brings people together like Disney: hundreds of millions of people around the world instantly recognize characters from their favorite movies. Disney franchises are inseparable from happy, childhood memories for many people. It's no wonder that passionate Disney fans from all over the world trade Disney pins and strive to build the biggest collection they can.

All About Disney Pin Trading

Disney has always produced pins that fans and collectors ate up, but the hobby really got going with an official Disney endorsement in 1999. The Walt Disney World Resort started organizing dedicated pin trading events and introduced rules to support the hobby and make it more social and accessible. Other resorts, such as Aulani, Disneyland Paris, and the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort more have embraced the hobby and started producing their own pins and organizing events.

You can buy pins at every Disney resort. Most pins sell for $9.99, but specialty pins such as light-up or 3D pins sell for $14.95. There are only a few pins that go for a higher price; jumbo pins, featured artist pins, and super jumbo pins. Collectors often sell pins on websites such as eBay, and some sell for less than retail while especially rare, desirable pins have sold for $2,000 or more! 

Open Release, Limited Release and Hidden Mickeys

Disney releases three types of pins. Open release pins are widely available online and at stores, while limited release pins are only available in a few locations for a certain amount of time. The most coveted pins are Hidden Mickeys: you can't buy them. If you want a Hidden Mickey pin, the only way you'll find one is to visit a resort and trade with cast members.

Finding Disney Pins

When you go to a Disney Resort, you'll see that many cast members are wearing lanyards decked with pins. They're always happy to trade with guests, so approach them and offer to trade! This is the best way to find those special Hidden Mickey pins.

Don't try to buy a pin from a cast member or other enthusiast while at a Disney resort, though: That violates etiquette:

Pin-Trading Etiquette

There are a few guidelines for trading pins at a Disney resort. 

  • Cast members will only accept proper Disney pins that are made of metal and have a Disney copyright. 
  • Don't touch people's pins without permission: Ask the owner to hold it closer for you. 
  • Cast members can't accept a pin they already have. 
  • Money can't enter into trades on Disney property: pins for pins only!
  • One guest may trade up to two pins with a cast member each day.

Best Disney Pin Collections

With thousands of unique pins and countless passionate pin traders, there are a lot of incredible pin collections out there. Here at Your Walt Disney World Store, we have a few pin collections we're especially proud of. Our Disney Pin 2019 Collection is packed with the newest pins, not to mention our hundreds of Hidden Mickey pins.