Disney Star Wars Crystal - Sith Force Guidance Crystal

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Disney Star Wars Crystal - Sith Force Guidance Crystal
Disney Star Wars Crystal - Sith Force Guidance Crystal
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At the heart of every Jedi lightsaber is a kyber crystal found on several planets, most notably the icebound caves of Ilum. This crystal is attuned to the Force, and connected to a Jedi Knight on a deeply personal level. In this way, a lightsaber is an extension of a Jedi's Force awareness. Because Jedi let the Force guide their selection of the crystal, the vibration that the crystal creates in the lightsaber blade helps Jedi center themselves and find balance in the Force. In this way, a Jedi can center his or her attention beyond the distractions of combat. A lightsaber crystal is colorless until first attuned and connected to a Jedi -- at which times it glows either blue or green, or in some rare instances, another shade. From that point on, it retains that hue. (Credit: StarWars.com)

  • Ask for knowledge and the crystal will impart guidance through the Force
  • For use in Savi's Workshop hand built lightsabers and holocrons
  • Imported
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This item was created for and sold in the Disney World theme parks. Available here for a limited time.
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