Everything You Need to Know About Disney Lanyards

Disney lanyards are more than just another type of merchandise, though they’re certainly that as well. If you drape one of these around your neck or hook your keys onto the loop, people will note your fandom everywhere you go. We’re such big fans that we put together a little info piece/tribute to them. This article will answer all your questions, even if you didn’t know you had them.

Why Use Disney Lanyards?

There are plenty of other ways to show your pride as a Disney enthusiast. With that said, Disney lanyards offer some practical applications. They come with a clip that is perfect for holding onto keys, ID tags, and more. You can keep stuff within easy reach while toting it around.

The most popular use for these accessories is to hold Disney pins. Visit any park and you’ll find cast members and guests alike sporting lanyards that display their favorite collectibles. If you adopt the practice, you may find yourself engaging in spirited conversations with new friends. You might even get to trade for something you really like.

How Do You Make Them Shorter?

Disney lanyards strive to be one-size-fits-all, but people are just too diverse for that to ever be true. If it feels too big on you or someone you know, there is no need to worry. There are ways to shorten the loop for a more convenient fit.

One simple method, and arguably the most effective one, is to tie a knot in the back. We recommend doing this while keeping the lanyard around your head like a headband. That way, it’s still long enough that you can put your head around it. Using paperclips and other clamps instead of a knot would work, too.

Got Any Recommendations?

Boy, do we ever! You can choose from a ton of awesome Disney lanyards, but you still have to choose. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Yzma Smiling: Who else can put a smile on people’s faces quite like Yzma, the delightfully wicked villain of The Emperor’s New Groove? This lanyard is covered in sketches of her, um, unforgettable face.
  • Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary: Millions of people have made wonderful memories of Disney’s Florida resort between 1971 and 2021. You can commemorate it with a special lanyard, available for a limited time only.
  • Adventure is Out There: Pin collectors can find much in common with Russ, from the Pixar classic Up. It’s only right to display your pins in a badge made to look like a sash full of Wilderness Explorer badges.
  • Galactic Empire Sith Lord Darth Vader: We bet the First Order Stormtroopers won’t mess with you in Galaxy’s Edge if they spot you wearing this tribute to the Empire’s iconic warrior. Star Wars fans may greet you as one of their own.

Disney Lanyards at Your WDW Store

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