An Exploration of Pandora — The World of Avatar

It’s finally happening. The long-awaited sequels to James Cameron’s film Avatar are just around the corner, potentially reigniting the global phenomenon we all experienced in 2009. As we wait just a little longer to see the new stories, fans can visit its fantastical setting just by going to Disney’s Animal Kingdom. In this article, we’ll dive deep into the wonders of Pandora — The World of Avatar.

The Story

Anyone who remembers the events of the movie may recall that in the end, the Na’vi boot the human invaders from Pandora. A generation has passed since then, and the Resources Development Administration (RDA) remain gone. Another human company, Alpha Centauri Expeditions (ACE), has established a much more cordial relationship with the locals.

Now, human visitors are welcome again. They do not even need to worry about the moon’s atmosphere, which is ordinarily toxic to humans. When you visit Pandora, you actually visit the Valley of Mo’ara, where enormous pods produce breathable air. Now, empathetic humans can share in the culture of the Na’vi and the beauty of the environment.

The Attractions

As of this writing, Pandora — The World of Avatar has two rides. Avatar Flight of Passage matches guests with their very own Avatar. They can then soar over mountains and oceans on the backs of dragon-like Banshees. This vivid motion simulator is an exciting adventure that still sees enormous lines, so we recommend going early.

Na’vi River Journey is a more relaxing dark ride. Passengers observe the bioluminescent wildlife of Pandora at night, from ethereal woodsprites to cautious viperwolves. Most of these critters are projected on screens. The Shaman of Songs, however, is arguably the most remarkable Audio-Animatronic in Imagineering history. You must see her to believe it.

The Ambience

It’s no secret that Disney created the Valley of Mo’ara in response to the wildly popular Harry Potter areas at Universal Studios’s rival parks. They wanted the land to be exceptionally immersive, and they pulled it off. The floating mountains alone are a towering achievement: they look impossible, but there they are in incredible detail.

The rest of the environment is full of astounding extraterrestrial flora and even some fauna. They truly come alive when night falls, at which point Pandora transforms into a neon marvel. Make sure to look around during the day as well, so you can take in the scenery inspired by Na’vi culture. Gorgeous woven constructs take the place of ride signage, and giant drum sets make for musical fun.

There is more to the experience than riding rides and looking around. Diehard fans can secure all kinds of unique merch at the stores, including miniature Avatars sculpted in their likeness. The restaurants offer meals, snacks, and cocktails that look suitably alien and taste great. Pandora — The World of Avatar is a must-see for any Disney Parks guest and Avatar enthusiast.

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