4 Gorgeous Gifts for Fans of Aurora, the Sleeping Beauty

While practically every Disney princess movie is a certified classic at this point, few if any are as grand in scale as Sleeping Beauty. Aurora herself is a big part of the film’s enduring appeal, and many people of all ages adore the character.

We already talked in length about Aurora and Sleeping Beauty before. This time, we’ll highlight some of the best gifts that a fan could get based on this classiest of Disney royals.

Aurora Masquerade Disney Showcase Collection Figurine

Who’s that girl with the long blonde hair and the fancy pink gown? Even with the domino mask on a stick, Aurora’s easy enough to identify. The Aurora Masquerade Disney Showcase Collection Figurine is part of a series that imagines Disney heroes and villains in disguise at a party. It’s just a great excuse for creating gorgeous updates on iconic characters’ familiar outfits. While this young lady may not be able to hide from the forces of evil, she’ll at least look great while trying.

Sleeping Beauty Disney Women’s Leggings

You can’t sleep all day, so you might as well feel comfortable and look good when you get up. The Sleeping Beauty Disney Women’s Leggings, from the Disney Parks, Get Into Character collection, can fulfill that role for any Aurora fan. Silhouettes of Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather flitter between images of castles, crowns, and spinning wheels. Speaking of the good fairies, note the color gradient from one end of the leggings to the other. Do you think they had something to do with that?

Deluxe Sleeping Beauty Fashion Playset

Speaking of outfits and Aurora, Sleeping Beauty puts its main character in various lovely looks. Children can enjoy dressing her with the Deluxe Sleeping Beauty Fashion Playset. This pack full of toys features figurines of both Aurora and Prince Philip. It also comes with multiple outfits and accessories for both, as well as a few of Aurora’s animal friends. They can be swapped in and out as desired, allowing kids to play seamstress and enjoy all the different combinations.

Birthday Parade No. 3 Aurora Disney Precious Moments Figurine

Hail to Princess Aurora! Sleeping Beauty memorably starts with a big birthday bash as the kingdom welcomes its royal family’s newest member. Parents can celebrate their tot on their third birthday with the Birthday Parade No. 3 Aurora Disney Precious Moments Figurine. It features an adorable little Aurora in the classic Precious Moments style. She stands astride a carriage with the three good fairies at her side. This gift may not be like the kind they give, but we are sure your little princess will love it anyway.

Aurora Sleeping Beauty Gifts at Your WDW Store

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