Protect your feet during your Disney World adventure

Recently, we provided some tips for choosing which Disney apparel to wear at Disney World. Among other topics, we touched on footwear — an important subject due to all the ground that any visitor will cover during their park visits.

In fact, the matter is so important that we wanted to make a separate list of advice specifically for shoes, including themed Disney shoes. Here are a few tips that can prepare you and your tootsies for the park experience.

Prepare for Plenty of Walking

As we said in our Disney apparel article, Walt Disney World’s parks are huge. That means more space for attractions and scenery than most other Disney parks, but that also means plenty of ground to cover. If you want to check out as many attractions as you can, you need to be prepared for several miles’ worth of walking.

Sneakers and other shoes designed specifically for exercise may be ideal for this kind of vacation. If they are not your style, then the best thing you can do is wear something that feels comfortable to you. Your feet might feel sore by the end of the day, but it will be better than anything else.

Additionally, we must stress that if you feel tired, feel free to take a seat. Some avid park-goers dismiss this as wasting time, but the folks at Disney set up chairs and benches for a reason. Between running to rides and standing in lines, you can totally give your feet some rest and take in the rich scenery.

Take Measures Against Blisters

When you conjure the image of walking several miles within a day, many people will share the same first thought: blisters. Sore feet can be irritating enough, but the sight of a colored bubble under your sole can be seriously worrisome. This is yet another reason to bring shoes that feel comfortable — or more precisely, give your toes a little space.

The Disney Parks Moms Panel, part of the official Disney Parks website, offers more advice. Moisture can cause friction within your footwear, which can result in blisters. Therefore, bringing or buying a spare set of socks inside the park can help if your feet get wet on water rides. The extra cautious guest may also want to add moisturizer and Blister Blocks (a Band-Aid product that puts space between the skin and the shoe).

Bring Water Shoes to Water Parks

In Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon, guests can and totally should wear water shoes. This type of footwear is designed to prevent slips, keep moisture out, and quickly absorb or drain water. If you do not have some, then get some.

You may think that your sandals should be enough, or you may already plan on just walking around barefoot. We still urge you to at least consider water shoes as an option. They provide greater support than flip-flops and keep your feet more comfortable than pavement. Plus, the bathrooms at water parks are riddled with puddles of all kinds — do you really want to tackle that problem with sandals?

Disney Shoes and Other Merchandise

If you want to get new shoes for your Disney World trip, why not get yourself a pair of Disney shoes? Your WDW Store carries dozens of different kinds based on all your favorite characters. Check out our selection of sneakers, flip-flops, Crocs, loafers, socks and more.