Great Disney Merch to Celebrate Flag Day 2021

Disney is nuts for any holiday they can capitalize on, and that even includes Flag Day. We’re also fans of this vaguely patriotic occasion at Your WDW Store. We even dedicated an entire blog post last year to explaining the holiday and its history. This year, we want to share some of our best seasonally appropriate Disney goodies for those who want to celebrate Flag Day as well. Take a look at what’s in store!

Mickey and Minnie Flag Day 2007 Pin

Disney pumps out fresh pins every year for the major holidays. Flag Day isn’t really among them, but that just makes the ones that exist all the more interesting and collectible. Our store is fortunate enough to possess a few Mickey and Minnie Flag Day 2007 pins. The designs adorably depict Disney’s First Family as George Washington and Betsy Ross. The real draw, though, is owning a pin that’s nearly 15 years old.

Independence Day Flag Stripes Antenna Topper

As we noted in last year’s blog post, Flag Day falls between two patriotism-tinged holidays: Memorial Day and Independence Day. Smart spenders can reuse the same decorations for all three occasions if said decorations are based on, you guessed it, the flag. Case in point: Disney’s Independence Day Flag Stripes antenna topper, a Mickey Mouse bauble with stars, stripes, and pom-pom fireworks. So what if most Flag Day ceremonies don’t use fireworks? Just say this one represents the nightly shows at the Disney Parks.

Mickey Mouse with Flag Jim Shore Figurine

Jim Shore’s brilliantly sculpted Disney figurines are a fine addition to any mantle or coffee table. The Mickey Mouse with Flag Jim Shore Figurine in particular is a wonderful centerpiece. It’s part of the Disney Traditions line, in which Jim applies European and American folk art touches to Disney iconography. Notice the comma-shaped flourishes on Mickey’s pants and the American flag, as well as the criss-cross pattern on the ears. When it’s time to celebrate Flag Day, it’s an amazing decoration to trot out.

Independence Day Flag Disney Ball Ornament

The Independence Day Flag Disney ball ornament seems rather confused. It ostensibly celebrates the 4th of July, but it’s obviously a Christmas tree decoration. One could always just hook it onto the branch of a household plant or something at any time of the year, we suppose. We’ll add to the confusion by pointing out that it doesn’t say “Independence Day.” The only words are “An American Tradition,” which fits just fine for Flag Day as well.

Flag Series United States of America Vinylmation Figure

Disney’s Vinylmation figures are among the most popular of Disney’s recent collectibles lines. The chubby Mickey-inspired models have proven surprisingly versatile, with hundreds of unique examples available. One recent series drapes them in the designs of the flags of the twelve countries featured in Epcot’s World Showcase. The United States is one of them, naturally, so you can add the Flag Series United States of America Vinylmation Figure to your collection.

Celebrate Flag Day with Your WDW Store

Even if Disney offers surprisingly little holiday-specific merchandise, they still offer plenty of ways to celebrate Flag Day. You can find all the above-mentioned products and so much more throughout the Your WDW Store collection. Many of our goods are rare items that are no longer in production or can’t be found outside of the Disney Parks. Explore our store and make your Flag Day all the more enjoyable.