How Belt Sizes work?

Belts not only help in securing and holding up clothes but also add to the aesthetics. We do tend to look at multiple factors when buying a belt, such as, the looks, the brand or the quality, but do you ever take account of its size? I suppose not. Let’s delve a little deeper into how sizes of the belt work and what is best for you. Let’s start from the basics:

Why Belt size isn’t the same as your Pants Waist size

It’s normal to think it this way; however, they are two different things altogether. This is because belts need extra materials to go over the clothing and have a small amount of leftover too. Accounting for these factors, it would be reasonable to take 2 inches margin as belts are typically two inches larger than one’s waist or hip size. And at the same time, if your waist size is in odd digits, you should add 3 inches to it in order to get the right size. 

It is worthwhile to note that while belt sizes are measured in inches in the USA, it’s measured in centimeters in its European counterparts. 

Two Ways To Measure Belt Size

All of the above being said, there are two simple ways you can measure your belt size. 

  • Measuring Yourself

First of all, you need to measure your waist or hip circumference. It depends on what kind of dress you wear, low waist or high waist. You need to take a measuring tape and thread it through the loops of the dress. Now just note your waist or hip circumference, and add two inches to the size, and there you have your belt size. 

  • Measuring your existing belt

In this option, you have to take your existing belt that fits well and lay it flat on a surface. It is a general rule that your belt prong should go into the middle hole of the belt; this is when it can be termed as the ‘Perfect-fit’ belt. It’s also evident that the belt gives the best look when the prong is inserted in the middle hole. 

So now you have to take a measuring tape and measure the belt from the far end of the buckle to the middle hole or the favorite one. Take note of the measurement as this is your belt size. 

Note- There are some manufacturers that include the buckle while measuring belt size, whereas other makers’ DO NOT do so. It is advisable that you take both of the measurements.

Are Women Belt Sizes Same as Men?

There isn’t any significant difference between both. However while Men’s belts come in waist sizes between 27-48 inches, the sizes available for women are between 24-44 inches. Additionally you can refer to the below size charts as well.


Parting Notes

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