How to Make Fabulous DIY Disney Ear Hats

The Disney Company has released tons of different themed clothing items over the decades. While most of this merchandise is wonderful, no type of apparel is more iconic to the brand than the world-famous Disney ear hats. Any fan would want their own, but it’s not always easy to get your hands on one — especially when we’re all in quarantine.

Thankfully, there are easy ways to get Disney ear hats for yourself. For example, if you are into arts and crafts, then you could make one with supplies you have at home. Here are some DIY tips to delight your child — or your inner child!

Making the Ears

Mickey and Minnie ears are just pairs of circles with cut-off points that attach to the rest of the cap. You can use a few different materials to make them. You can also use different kinds of headgear, such as headbands, baseball caps, and snapbacks. This gives creative types plenty of flexibility.

Cardboard can be a good option for creating the ears, especially for headbands. All you would need to incorporate it onto the hat is a glue gun. Felt also works, though it would require sewing by hand or machine.

Each circle should have a diameter between 3.5 and 4 inches. You should also have four circles when you finish cutting, with two covering the front and back side of each ear. Leave enough room between the halves for a little polyfill, which can give the ears some extra volume.

Giving the Hat Character

We don’t want Disney ear hats because they’re easy to make or consist of cardboard. We love them because they remind us of our favorite characters and stories. That’s another benefit to DIY: total creative freedom. If you can’t find one for your fave at the Disney Store, you can just make it yourself. Even if you can, crafting your own hat can be fun and rewarding.

For starters, you can paint your own designs over the material. For extra flair, you could instead add some decorations. Ideas include glitter, flairs, sequins, buttons, and stickers. You could even cut construction paper so that the different parts combine to resemble a certain character. If you prefer some stylish subtlety, the arrangement of colors and features can be enough to evoke the character of your choice.

Here are a few ideas to serve as examples:

  • A green-and-white circle beside a yellow-and-brown circle can remind onlookers of Buzz Lightyear and Sheriff Woody. A Star Command sticker and a gold star pin are more obvious markers.
  • White cut-out flowers over a red cap would mimic the signature dress of Lilo. A blue clawed hand is optional!
  • Sticking a plastic fork through a pink bow on a red headband? That could only be Ariel.

Disney Ear Hats at Your WDW Store

Maybe you want a Disney ear hat, but you can’t get to the Parks or even the Disney Store during quarantine. Maybe you aren’t into arts and crafts, either, or would prefer to save your time and your supplies for other projects. In that case, don’t worry! Here at Your WDW Store, we sell dozens of distinct and professional-grade Disney ear hats for casual fans and big-time enthusiasts alike. Check out our selection today!

Everyone loves Disney ear hats. If you ever wanted to convert your caps or headbands into Mickey and Minnie ears, we can give you some guidance!