Intro to Beading: How to Use Disney Beads

What separates a bracelet from a string tied around your wrist? What distinguishes a necklace from a thread knotted around your throat? There’s little difference when it comes to their function: both encircle a part of your body. The real difference is in the aesthetic. If the material consists of shiny metallic links, it becomes an ornament.

You don’t need to splurge on gold or silver to have a true necklace or bracelet (though it can help create a dazzling effect!). Even the plainest string can achieve a similar kind of beauty with the addition of charms. Disney beads, especially, can provide visual splendor and a little character. Here’s some more information about beading with Disney.

What are Beads and Beading?

Beading is a method for making adornments. Just about anyone can take up the practice without need for precious metals. If you want to be technical, a bunch of Cheerios looped on a shoestring could be considered beads. You could call that creation a bracelet if you wear it on your wrist, or a necklace if you place it on your neck. Of course, many people prefer to be a little more creative with their beads.

Beads come in many different shapes: spheroids, geometric forms, more abstract and natural styles, and so forth. On that note, beads can be all-natural or manmade from a myriad of materials. Pearls, wood, tree nuts, stones, and metals are all viable. Lastly, you can get beads in an array of sizes, generally measured within millimeters. Smaller ones can feel comfortable around the wrist, while the biggest ones can be great as pendants on a necklace.

Tips for Working with Beads

You can add as many beads in as many shapes and styles as you want to your bracelet or necklace. With that said, they can wear on each other if they keep bumping into each other as you move. An easy remedy is to place tiny, plainer beads between the main attractions.

Beginners may be interested in working on elaborate pieces right away. While that enthusiasm is welcome, they may want to start with something smaller and simpler. Low-level projects will help to hone the skills needed to truly nail more intricate works.

Beads can resemble other objects, which makes for even greater personalization. Many people of all ages love to sport Disney beads on their bodies. The ones made in partnership with Pandora are particularly popular. They may be pricy, but the cost reflects their shining beauty and exceptional quality. A few great examples include:

  • Cinderella Heart Charm: This Cinderella-themed decoration is large enough to display the phrase, “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes.” Best of all, it doesn’t disappear at midnight.

  • Mickey and Minnie Kiss: This charm could be a perfect gift for a romantic partner. One side shows the smooching silhouettes of Disney’s main couple. The other features the text, “Believe in Magic.”

  • Fantasyland Alice in Teacup Ride: You can’t drink tea from this sterling silver cup — there’s a gaping hole in it! Alice rests within the cup, bearing a curious expression.

  • Frozen Snowflake Dangle Charm: You may not be able to form snow from your fingertips like Elsa. Still, having a dazzling silver snowflake hanging from your wrist or neck can feel great, too.

Disney Beads at Your WDW Store

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