You Deserve It: Why Ordering Disney Candy Online is the Best!

Do you have a sweet tooth?

If you do, you may often find yourself wandering the snack aisles at your local grocery store. If they don't have what you crave, it may be a sad experience.

If you constantly crave Disney candy, but can't make the trip to Orlando to get it, ordering online is the next best thing!

Let us make the case for ordering Disney candy online!

Ordering Disney Snacks Online

Ordering snacks from a reputable website allows you to purchase things that may not be readily available in local grocery stores. It can also be done conveniently from the comfort of your home and save you a trip to the store. You may even be able to find limited edition items or items that have gone out of stock in the store.

Additionally, after placing your order, you'll have a sweet package surprising you on your doorstep in a few days.

disney assorted chocolates

Disney Candy You'll Love

Here are some of the most popular Disney treats that have been rated highly. They're sure to convince you that buying candy online is the right choice!

  • Mickey & Pals Chocolate Coins

Satisfy your craving for chocolate with this fun, in-demand snack. The package contains approximately ten coins, perfect for sharing or saving for later!

The Mickey & Pals Chocolate Coins are individually wrapped pieces of milk chocolate that feature Disney characters on the colorful wrappers.

  • Caramel Apple - Mickey Mouse

If you want a snack that has received good reviews, the Caramel Apple - Mickey Mouse is a delicious apple dressed up to look like Mickey Mouses's iconic shorts. It also features a pair of marshmallow ears!

It's handmade in Walt Disney World by Goofy's Candy Co. candy makers and carefully shipped to your home!

  • Peppermint Flavored Mints

If you want fun mints that come in a variety of designs, the Peppermint Flavored Mints are sure to leave you refreshed!

The mints come in a beautiful tin that features Mickey and his pals at "It's a Small World." You can reuse it or put it on display!

  • The Lion King Gummi Candy Animals

Enjoy eating gummi variations of the animals from Disney's Animal Kingdom. The colorful animals are perfect for sharing!

The Lion King Gummi Candy Animals come in a 5 oz. package featuring Simba.

  • Jumbo Mickey Mouse Peanut Butter Cup

For those of you who can't get enough of the chocolate and peanut butter combo, this is for you!

Enjoy a Jumbo Mickey Mouse Peanut Butter Cup, which is a classic peanut butter cup with a solid milk chocolate Mickey Mouse on top.

Satisfy Your Cravings With Disney Treats

Satisfy your sweet tooth while supporting Disney when you choose to shop for Disney candy online! It has all the charm of the Disney you know and love, with the convenience of not having to leave your home!

If you're not completely sold on the featured snack items, you're bound to find a Disney candy that's exactly what you're looking for!

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