Our Staff Picks the Best Jim Shore Disney Figurines

Jim Shore is an internationally renowned artist who weaves motifs of American and European folk art into giftware sculptures with terrific results. His unique style made him a perfect partner for Disney, who let him create his own fun takes on their timeless characters. Our staff loves Jim Shore Disney figurines so much that we wanted to highlight several favorites in our blog.

Storybook Lion King

The Lion King was the first Disney film based on a wholly original idea (while also taking influence from certain works of literature and film). Even so, the tale of an exiled prince reclaiming his destiny after overwhelming grief and guilt feels timeless. Jim Shore captures its legendary nature in the Storybook Lion King figurine, depicting Simba’s communion with the clouds inside a stone resin book. It’s colorful, beautiful, and easy to prop up.

Huey, Dewey and Louie

Here comes trouble, and make it triple. Huey, Dewey and Louie sport unusually zesty outfits in this adorable stone resin figurine. Huey, leading the Quack Pack, has crimson flourishes on his trademark red sweater and cap. Dewey’s blue top sports navy stripes, while the cheery Louie’s green garments feature teardrop-like marks. Jim Shore’s love of interesting patterns also manifests in the wagon they ride. It’s a fun presentation of his artistic quirks and formal mastery.

Enchanted Tiki Room 55th Anniversary

Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room first opened in 1963 and remains a beloved attraction to this day. Back in 2018, Shore decided to celebrate the show with the Enchanted Tiki Room 55th Anniversary figurine. It features José, one of the four macaw hosts, greeting his audience with a smile. Above him is the attraction sign, hoisted on either side by the tiki gods. Shore’s colorful and pattern-happy style is perfect for the tiki aesthetic.

Snow White and Prince Wedding

The Snow White and Prince Wedding figurine belongs to a series of Jim Shore Disney pieces depicting popular princesses and princes on their big day. It’s unusual because the original Snow White film ends long before any ceremony. Shore’s sculpture depicts Snow White in a never-before-seen white dress, looking fairer than ever as she shares a first dance with her betrothed. It’s a lovely wedding gift for those who watched the fairy tale flick and wished for true love.

Santa with Mickey & Minnie

Jim Shore loves Christmas. His figurines used to be strictly seasonal before expanding into year-round product lines, but the holiday remains integral to his brand. The Santa with Mickey & Minnie figurine is a perfect crossover between Christmas and Disney. Papa Noel himself embraces the mouse mascots in his lap, looking bemused as Mickey reads from a lengthy list. Warm, brilliant, unbelievably cute, and gorgeously detailed in its craft, this statue is among his best works.

Jim Shore Disney Figurines at Your WDW Store

Jim Shore Disney figurines put a fun aesthetic spin on familiar characters, producing exciting and lovable artwork. These statuettes make wonderful gifts, and you can find over 250 different products at Your WDW Store. Shop with us today and find the perfect present for the Disney fan in your life.